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CBS Partnership Council


CBS Partnership Council was founded in 2017. The Council’s primary task is to advise Senior Management in questions related to the collaboration with corporate partners.

This can happen in the following ways:

1.      Senior Management may solicit guidance from the Council both in written and verbal forms.

2.      The Council may consider ethical questions vis-á-vis CBS’ corporate partnerships.

3.      The Council may independently follow societal developments in order to identify potential problem areas impacting CBS’ corporate partnerships – with the intention to guide Senior Management in a proactive and forward-looking manner.

4.      All CBS employees may put questions to the Council.

5.      The Council may formulate drafts for ethical guidelines related to CBS’ partnership agreements.

Members of the CBS Partnership Council:

  • Andreas Rasche, Professor (chairman)
  • Louise Seest, Director of CBS Business
  • Dorte Salskov-Iversen, Associate Professor, Head of Department MSC
  • Wilbert van der Meer, Director, Deans Office – Education
  • Annedorte Vad, Head of CBS Research Support Office
  • Mette Kuhlen-Gullach, Head of CBS Legal
  • Mads Nyeng, CBS Students


Patrick S. Gram

Secretary for the Council
Patrick S. Gram
+45 3815 5752



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