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Helpdesk: helpdesk.cbs.dk

Email: helpdesk.it@cbs.dk
IT Support

Tel.: +45 3815 3715

AV Support

Tel.: +45 3815 3534
(Only for acute problems in the auditoriums)
Opening hours for telephones
Monday-Friday: 08.00-21.00

Weekend and holidays: 08.00-18.00


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CBS IT supports CBS's activities in research and teaching as well as CBS operations. CBS IT is divided into Development and Operation, and is internally divided into teams each with their own area of work as well as separate managers.

CBS IT Operations supports CBS by:

  • carrying out maintenance, operation and control of CBS's IT infrastructure components: network, security, mail, document storage and basic software installation.
  • carrying out operation and maintenance of administrative business systems for CBS's management, staff and students.
  • providing IT facilities and support for CBS's staff members, students and external teachers.

CBS IT Development supports CBS by:

  • developing IT solutions and administrative business systems for CBS's management, staff and students.
  • developing, maintaining and operating systems for joint usage between universities in Denmark.
  • participating in coaching on project management, development of project management and implementation of projects at CBS.

CBS IT Support
CBS IT Support is divided into a structure, which is aimed at supporting students, faculty and administrative staff at CBS.

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