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CBS has a new Task Force on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Welcome to CBS Sustainability

CBS Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary research centre devoted to the study of sustainable practices and developments in organizations, markets and society at large. The centre was established in 2002 and is today recognized as one of the leading research environments of its kind in Europe.
CBS Sustainability allows external stakeholders easy access to relevant resources and activities at CBS, while also making it easier for CBS faculty to identify opportunities for collaboration with CBS colleagues and researchers from other universities.

At the same time, CBS Sustainability plays a crucial part in delivering on the promises of CBS’s ‘Business in Society’ strategy as well as the business university model adopted by the school. CBS remains committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to the PRME initiative and to the promotion of sustainable business models and responsible management.
CBS Sustainability assists the school in pursuing these goals and standards by developing links to other relevant centres, platforms and research initiatives across the school. You can read more about the centre and its research focus on the About page.

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