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Research groups


Research groups

Six different research groups (two of which are also Centres under the Department) constitute the primary internal anchorages (with partly overlapping memberships) for MSC’s researchers and their projects. Each of the groups has created a dedicated and internationally recognised research agenda, which in turn informs and drives the department’s teaching agenda.


Communication, Organisation and Governance (COG)
(Coordinator: Professor Dan Kärreman)

The cluster brings together a diverse group of international scholars who focus their research activities on

  1. organizational dynamics, management practices, governance structures and forms of communication and discourse in both private companies and public institutions and
  2. the variety of social, cultural, economic and/or political contexts in which these sets of activities and institutions intersect and interact, in particular global and intercultural contexts

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Organizational Communication
(Coordinator: Associate Professor Steffen Blaschke)

The research group unites research interests in organizational communication. Scholars particularly follow three perspectives: (1) Communication in organizations, (2) communication of organizations, and (3) communication as organizations. In addition, adjacent fields of research such as information technologies and media studies expand the research of the group.

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Culture, Language, Learning
(Coordinator: Associate Professor Maribel Blasco)

The research cluster members focus on:

  1. Language, learning & intercultural issues at the micro level in firms and other professional organisations
  2. The construction, communication and learning of identity and difference

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Communication in Markets
(Coordinator: Associate Professor Simon Kragh)

The Communication in Markets research group addresses topics related cross-cultural market communication. The research focuses on nation branding, tourism, cross cultural management and multimodal analysis of consumer communication and on the development of a theoretical framework for the analysis of consumer information.

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The Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS)
(Director: Associate Professor Michael W. Hansen)

The centre’s research revolves around the challenges conditioned by the switch in recent decades to more business and market-led development thinking and practices, notably:

  1. Business strategic reorientation in the wake of the gradual integration of developing countries into the global economy and the concomitant potential for e.g. global corporate restructuring and outsourcing
  2. Development strategy reorientation toward private sector development and international business partnerships.

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The CBS Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (cbsCSR)
(Director: Associate Professor Steen Vallentin)

The Centre is committed to critically investigate business in society issues and integrating the corporate citizen perspective into business theory and practice and into the CBS curriculum. Working across disciplinary boundaries, the centre constitutes an innovative space for interaction and reflections between academia and business in Denmark and abroad.

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