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Room: DAL/2V.036


I’m a Professor (MSO) of Communication and Digital Transformations at Copenhagen Business School.

My main research interests concern how digital technologies shape communication and governance processes in organizational settings. More specifically, I’m interested in how organizations engage with digital transformations, such as ‘big data’ and internet infrastructures that unsettle established ways of working and thinking. My research addresses how the Internet has emerged as a key concern in global politics (see my book The Power of Networks), how ‘big data’ relates to knowledge production and the politics of transparency (see The Politics of Transparency), how transparency ideals shape the Internet domain (see the Sunlight in Cyberspace), and how power and transparency intersect (see The Transparency-Power Nexus). I work both empirically and conceptually on these issues, currently focusing on two projects:

Digital technologies and visibility management: This project seeks to conceptualize transparency and other ways of seeing, knowing and governing as forms of visibility management. On this topic, I’m editing special issue of The International Journal of Communication (with Paul Leonardi, Cynthia Stohl and Michael Stohl), and working on a book to be published by Cambridge University Press. My research in this area has been funded by a Google Research Award.

Datafication and anticipatory governance: Big data and algorithms play increasingly important roles in attempts to predict, measure and govern, and this new project looks at how organizations such as Internet companies, think tanks and international organizations turn digital traces into actionable and anticipatory knowledge. My work in this area is part of a five-year research project funded by a major grant from the Swedish Riksbank and led by Christina Garsten.

I actively engage in teaching, public speaking, advisory work and other efforts to highlight the relevance of my research in multiple settings. Most recently, I have been a member of the European Commission’s expert group TrustForesight, been appointed to the Advisory Boards of the think tank DataEthics and the DataJusticeLab at Cardiff University. Also, I am on the Editorial Boards of the international journals Communication Theory and Big Data&Society.

Primary research areas
  • Global Internet governance
  • Transparency in and around organizations
  • Big data and governance
  • Internet industry
  • Corporate advocacy
  • Networks
Administrative tasks

Programme director for BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management at Copenhagen Business School.

Link to this homepage

Digital Communication Strategies og Datafication


PhD and master's students

Selected publications

The Power of Networks: Organizing the Global Politics of the Internet (Edward Elgar, 2011)

Peer reviewed journal articles:
Hansen, H.K and Flyverbom, M. The politics of transparency and the calibration of knowledge in the digital age, forthcoming in Organization

Logics of Transparency in Late Modernity: Paradoxes, Mediation and Governance, introduction to special issue of European Journal of Social Theory, co-authored with Hans Krause Hansen and Lars Thøger Christensen, forthcoming

Flyverbom, M. Sunlight in cyberspace? On transparency as a form of governance. Forthcoming in European Journal of Social Theory



Publications & dissemination
Mikkel Flyverbom; Anders Koed Madsen; Andreas Rasche / Big Data as Governmentality in International Development : Digital Traces, Algorithms, and Altered Visibilities.
In: The Information Society, Vol. 33, No. 1, 2017, p. 35-42
Journal article
Mikkel Flyverbom / Corporate Advocacy in the Internet Domain : Shaping Policy through Data Visualizations.
In: Power, Policy and Profit: Corporate Engagement in Politics and Governance. . ed. /Christina Garsten; Adrienne Sörbom. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2017, p. 115-133
Book chapter
Mikkel Flyverbom; Ronald Deibert; Dirk Matten / The Governance of Digital Technology, Big Data, and the Internet : New Roles and Responsibilities for Business.
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Journal article
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Journal article
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Encyclopedia chapter
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In: International Political Sociology, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2016, p. 275-296
Journal article
Mikkel Flyverbom / Disclosing and Concealing : Internet Governance, Information Control and the Management of Visibility.
In: Internet Policy Review, Vol. 5, No. 3, 2016, p. 1-15
Journal article
Mikkel Flyverbom; Anders Koed Madsen; Andreas Rasche / How Big Data Reshapes Knowledge for International Development : A Governmentality Perspective.
Paper presented at The 32nd EGOS Colloquium 2016, 2016
Oana Brindusa Albu; Mikkel Flyverbom / Organizational Transparency : Conceptualizations, Conditions, and Consequences.
In: Business & Society, 13.7.2016
Journal article
J. P. Singh; Mikkel Flyverbom / Representing Participation in ICT4D Projects
In: Telecommunications Policy, Vol. 40, No. 7, 2016, p. 692-703
Journal article
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