The Transformations Platform participates in the Danish Science Festival



The Transformations Platform participates in the Danish Science Festival

The CBS Business-in-Society platform, ‘Transformations: Technology, data and knowledge in the digital age’, is actively pursuing its goal of giving ‘momentum to CBS’ engagement with the opportunities and challenges posed by digital transformations’. Since its inception in March 2018, it has hosted a number of seminars for CBS scholars focusing on various aspects of digital transformations. Most recently, the platform has participated in the Danish Science Festival with the event ‘Digital Superpowers?’.

CBS at Forskningens døgn

Science Festival event

Under the heading of Meet the tech-professor, the techplomacy and the Public Affairs Manager at Google, Professor (MSO) at MSC, Mikkel Flyverbom, engaged in a panel debate with Christine Sørensen, Communications and Public Affairs Manager at Google, and Nikolaj Juncher Wædegaard, Head of Secretariat & Deputy to Denmark’s Tech Ambassador, about the role of internet companies in society and the societal responsibility of tech-giants.

The event attracted an active audience who participated in the debate with questions and comments.


CBS BiS platforms

The Transformations Platform is one of three new platforms created under the auspices of the CBS Business-in-Society initiative. The BiS platforms focus on cross-disciplinary research, education and outreach in order to address societal challenges. The Transformations Platform, with joint directorship by Mikkel Flyverbom (MSC) and Ioanna Constantiou (Digi), specifically focuses on the implications of digital and other technological developments for economic and societal transformations. The research at the platform explores issues such as organizational transformations in the digital age, transformations of business models, technology and socio-economic transformations, knowledge production and digital transformations, and digital transformations in media and communications.


Read more about the BiS platforms here. For further information about the Transformations Platform, please contact academic directors Mikkel Flyverbom (MSC) and Ioanna Constantiou or the platform secretariat at


Read also the newspaper article (in Danish), 'Facebook og andre techgiganter har ramt en stor blind plet, når det gælder deres samfundsansvar', by Professor (MSO) Mikkel Flyverbom and Professor Karin Buhmann (both from MSC), in Politiken online, 6 May, 2018.


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