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Room: DH.V.2.41
E-mail: ju.msc@cbs.dk
Julie Uldam

Julie Uldam's research explores the relationship between digital media and civic engagement from three avenues of enquiry: (1) challenges to political contestation, (2) corporate practices of managing visibility and legitimacy, and (3) how a shift of responsibility to civil society can be made possible in sustainable ways.

Julie is chair in ECREA’s Communication & Democracy section

Social media
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Managing Communication, Marketing and Relations, BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management


Digital media; datafication; business-society relations; CSR communication; organising communication; communicative constitution of organisation; discourse and power

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Patrick McCurdy; Julie Uldam / Connecting Participant Observation Positions : Toward a Reflexive Framework for Studying Social Movements.
In: Field Methods, Vol. 26, No. 1, 2014, p. 40-55
Journal article > peer review
Julie Uldam / Activism and the Online Mediation Opportunity Structure : Attempts to Impact Global Climate Change Policies?.
In: Policy & Internet, Vol. 5, No. 1, 3.2013, p. 56-75
Journal article > peer review
Julie Uldam; Tina Askanius / Calling for Confrontational Action in Online Social Media : Video Activism as Auto-communication.
In: Mediation and Protest Movements. ed. /Bart Cammaerts; Alice Mattoni; Patrick McCurdy. Bristol : Intellect 2013, p. 159-178
Book chapter > peer review
Julie Uldam; Tina Askanius / Online Civic Cultures? : Debating Climate Change Activism on YouTube.
In: International Journal of Communication, Vol. 7, 2013, p. 1185-1204
Journal article > peer review
Julie Uldam / Self-Mediation. New Media, Citizenship and Civil Selves
In: Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Vol. 57, No. 3, 2013, p. 431-434
Book review > peer review
Julie Uldam / After the Protest : Online Social Media and Political Engagement.
Abstract from The 62nd Annual International Communication Association Conference. ICA 2012, 2012
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Julie Uldam / Climate Justice Activism and the Mediation Opportunity Structure
Abstract from Media & Participation Conference. 2012, 2012
Conference abstract for conference
Julie Uldam / Contesting the Depoliticisation of Climate Change : Activism and the Mediation Opportunity Structure.
Abstract from ECERA 2012. 4th European Communication Conference, 2012
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Patrick McCurdy; Julie Uldam / A Four-Quadrant Approach to Participant Observation
Paper presented at International Association for Media and Communication Research. IAMCR 2011, 2011
Julie Uldam; Tina Askanius / Mediation, Antagonism and the Formation of Oppositional Political Identities : Conflictual Activism and Climate Change Protests.
Paper presented at The 61st Annual International Communication Association Conference. ICA 2011, 2011
Paper > peer review
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