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CBS Teaching & Learning
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Chief Consultant
Jakob Ravn








Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning is a development and support unit for teachers and program directors at CBS. Our mission is to support and promote pedagogical development of teaching at CBS. The role of Teaching & Learning in relation to this pedagogical development is to create an inspiring learning environment, be a sparring partner and support with human and financial resources.

To fulfill these tasks we have a range of activities, which can create new methods and develop existing ways teachers can interact with their students. We provide a variety of different services, including:

•    Development & Training of teachers through courses, workshops, seminars and consultancy
•    The Assistant Professor Program (HETEP)
•    Offer inspiration for all kinds of Teaching Methods
•    Implementation of Blended & Online Learning activities
•    Support for Pedagogical Tools such as Mindmeister, Peergrade and Canvas
•    Production of Videos for teaching and learning purposes  

CBS faculty face different challenges. In order to support these, Teaching and Learning offer a variety of pedagogical courses and workshops. You can find a list of these on our webpage If a CBS unit (a department or a study program) wants a special designed course or workshop we can work it out in collaboration with the unit.

Online and blended learning is a prioritized strategic development area for CBS. At Teaching & Learning we offer consultancy services, support for professional video recordings and in some cases financial support for transformation of courses into an online and blended format. 

New types of learning activities and new delivery modes are increasingly used for peer learning, student feedback, self-assessment and training of skills. Many of these activities can take place with little or no moderation by the teacher which make it efficient in large scale teaching.   

Online lectures and tailor made video recordings benefits the students by providing flexible access to the learning material. Teaching & Learning's video crew provides a variety of different recording services, which you can use as a supplement to your on campus teaching.

Our offices are located at Porcelænshaven 7 (the Rosenvilla) and Steen Blicher Vej 22. You can contact us by finding a relevant member of our staff on our website

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