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CBS International Office is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all activities related to establishing and maintaining partner agreements with universities abroad. CBS International Office also takes care of all matters relating to the exchange of students to and from CBS. Every year, CBS receives approximately 1,700 exchange students from 300+ partner universities and sends out a similar number of CBS students on exchange. The responsibilities of CBS International Office include receiving many visitors from CBS's partners abroad and organizing information and educational programs and seminars for them.

The core activities of CBS International Office include:

  • Semester abroad: Processing of applications for outbound CBS students
  • Exchange: Processing of applications for inbound international exchange students
  • Academic advising: Academic advising of both inbound and outbound exchange students
  • CEMS and Double Degrees: Coordination of CEMS and Double Degree activity at CBS
  • ISUP: Organization of the International Summer University Program (ISUP)
  • Accommodations: Assisting incoming exchange and ISUP students with finding accommodations
  • Intro/Buddy Programs: Coordination of CBS' Intro Week and Buddy Program student coordinators
  • Private scholarships: Coordination of private scholarships available to CBS students going abroad


International full-degree students must contact CBS Admissions Office for assistance.

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