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Carsten Jacob
Associate professor

Room: DH.V.2.52
E-mail: cjh.msc@cbs.dk

I am particularly interested in the discourse on the Spanish nation since Franco and how it has changed over time and in politics of memory in Spain in the 20th century. My theoretical research focus is thus on history of memory, theories of nationalism, theories of (collective) memory, and theories of culture. On the empirical level my interests focus on Spanish nationalism, Spanish contemporary history, political, economic and social issues in contemporary Spain, and Spain's relationship with the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.

Primary research areas
  • Spanish nationalism and its various expressions
  • National symbols and sites of memory (lieux de mémoire)
  • Theories of nationalism and identity (collective)
  • History and politics of memory
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Selected publications

Nation og stat, identitet og fortælling, redigeret sammen med Henrik Høeg Müller og Kristian L. Nielsen, Samfundslitteratur, København (2018)

Spain. Inventing the Nation. Bloomsbury Academic, London (2015)

Europæiske fællesskaber? Identiteter, fortællinger og konflikter i Europa, redigeret sammen med Michael Herslund og Irene Baron, Jurist- og Økonomforbundets Forlag, København (2015).

"Collective Memory and National Identity in Spanish Democracy. The Legacies of Francoism and the Civil War" (skrevet sammen med Paloma Aguilar Fernández), i History & Memory, Vol. 14. Nr. 1/2 (2002), pp. 121-164.

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Carsten Humlebæk; Viktor Smith; Maximilian Block / Updated Plan for the Impact, Evaluation and Exploitation of Results
Schweiz : Zenodo 2024, 60 p. (INCULTUM Project Deliverables, No. D7.3)
Report > peer review
Paloma Aguilar; Filipa Raimundo; Kostis Kornetis; Carsten Humlebæk / Comparing Transitional Justice Processes in the Southern European Democratizations of the Third Wave
Paper presented at The Makeover of Southern Europe, 2023
Carsten Humlebæk / Exhuming Franco: Spain’s Second Transition
In: Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Vol. 24, No. 3, 9.2023, p. 459-461
Book review
Paloma Aguilar; Carsten Humlebæk / Memory
In: The Bloomsbury Handbook of the Spanish Civil War. ed. /Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez; Alison Ribeiro de Menezes; Adrian Shubert. London : Bloomsbury Academic 2023, p. 351-367
Book chapter > peer review
Carsten Humlebæk; Viktor Smith; Caroline Agha Raad; Maximilian Block; Livia Gavelli / Mid-term Plan for the Impact, Evaluation and Exploitation of Results
Granada : Incultum 2022, 23 p. (INCULTUM Project Deliverables, No. D7.2)
Report > peer review
Maximilian Block; Carsten Humlebæk; Sarah Mariane Qwarnström; Caroline Agha Raad; Viktor Smith / Visiting the Margins : Innovative Cultural Tourism in European Peripheries: Stakeholder map.
Granada : Incultum 2022, 32 p. (INCULTUM Project Deliverables, No. D7.1)
Report > peer review
Carsten Humlebæk; Mark Friis Hau / From National Holiday to Independence Day : Changing Perceptions of the “Diada”.
In: Genealogy, Vol. 4, No. 1, 3.2020, p. 1-24
Journal article > peer review
Carsten Humlebæk; Mark F. Hau / From National Holiday to Independence Day: : Changing Perceptions of the “Diada”.
In: New Perspectives on Nationalism in Spain . ed. /Carsten Humlebæk; Antonia María Ruiz Jiménez. Basel : MDPI 2020, p. 125-148
Book chapter > peer review
Carsten Humlebæk (Editor) ; Antonia María Ruiz Jiménez (Editor) / New Perspectives on Nationalism in Spain
Basel : MDPI 2020, 236 p.
Anthology > peer review
Carsten Humlebæk; Antonia María Ruiz Jiménez / Preface to ”New Perspectives on Nationalism in Spain”
In: New Perspectives on Nationalism in Spain . ed. /Carsten Humlebæk; Antonia María Ruiz Jiménez. Basel : MDPI 2020, p. ix-xii
Preface/postscript > peer review
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