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CBS Sustainability

Much of MSC’s research focuses on sustainability related themes and is carried out under the auspices of the CBS Sustainability research centre (located at MSC). Centre research projects focus on a whole range of sustainability issues and involve interdisciplinary and international collaborative work as well as teaching and dissemination activities. MSC researchers regularly receive both national and EU funding for sustainability related projects (see, for example, the list of CBS Sustainability projects and the recently awarded DANIDA grants).

Lucia Reisch presenting at DIEH Lucia Reisch presenting at DIEH

Invited talk on the UN SDGs

The UN SDGs feature prominently in the research and outreach activities of centre researchers and coordinators. Most recently, MSC Professor Lucia Reisch gave an invited talk at the conference “Hope ahead – Denmark as SDG pioneer through ethical trade”, organised by the Danish Ethical Trade Initiative at Børsen at the beginning of May.


The title of Lucia Reisch’s talk was ‘The role of sustainable consumption in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’, drawing on her extensive research in, among other things, behavioural economics, sustainable consumption (of such consumer goods as energy, food and health, and fashion) as well as consumer policy and corporate sustainability.

Sustainable campus

Since April 2018, CBS Sustainability - and in particular Centre coordinator Louise Thomsen - has facilitated the work of the CBS SDG Task Force. The Task Force consists of representatives from all CBS Departments, the International Office, CBS Business, student organisations and more.


One major result of the work of CBS Sustainability and the SDG Task Force has been the authoring of a Sustainable Event Guide, which suggests a number of ways to make sustainable choices regarding e.g. catering, transportation, decorations and handling of waste. Other efforts have included recommendations for a flight policy at CBS and a guide to the vegetarian default policy implemented at MSC.

        Sustainable waste disposal




Another instance of MSC’s contribution to CBS sustainability activities is the hosting of the CBS Office of Responsible Management Education (PRME), a unit established by CBS to implement the PRME Principles throughout the school. The PRME office is actively involved in promoting the UN SDGs in collaboration with various student bodies, thus, for example, hosting the Students for the Global Goals Festival 2019 in April, where parts of the CBS campus were transformed into a Sustainability Festival with multiple stalls, debates and lectures all day.

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