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As of September 2021, Lucia Reisch assumed the El-Erian Professorship for Behavioural Economics and Public Policy at the University of Cambridge, Department of Political Science and International Studies.

Her work with the Consumer and Behavioural Insights Group (CBIG) at MSC, within the Novo Nordisk Foundation project Beacon, is continued.

Read more about Lucia's project work here: PDF iconProjects_Lucia Reisch.pdf

For further information about Lucia's work, please visit her University of Cambridge webpage.

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Charlotte De Backer; Lauranna Teunissen; Isabelle Cuykx; Paulien Decorte; Sara Pabian; Sarah Gerristen; Christophe Matthys; Haleama Al Sabbah; Kathleen Van Royen; ; Klaus G. Grunert; Rikke Nyland Christensen; Lucia A. Reisch; Meike Janssen / An Evaluation of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Perceived Social Distancing Policies in Relation to Planning, Selecting, and Preparing Healthy Meals : An Observational Study in 38 Countries Worldwide.
In: Frontiers in Nutrition, Vol. 7, 2021
Journal article > peer review
Lucia A. Reisch; Friederike C. Döbbe / Book Notes “Economics and Social Sciences” 2/2021
In: Journal of Consumer Policy, Vol. 44, No. 2, 8.3.2021, p. 347-356
Book review
Cass R. Sunstein; Lucia A. Reisch / Climate-friendly Default Rules
In: Sustainable Consumption and Production: Volume I. Challenges and Development. . ed. /Ranjula Bali Swain; Susanne Sweet. Cham : Palgrave Macmillan 2021, p. 141-164
Book chapter > peer review
Elida Sina; Christoph Buck; Wolfgang Ahrens; Stefaan De Henauw; Hannah S. Jilani; Lauren Lissner; Dénes Molnar; Luis Alberto Moreno; Valeria Pala; Lucia A. Reisch; Alfonso Siani; Antonia Solea; Toomas Veidebaum; Antje Hebestreit; / Digital Media Use in Association with Sensory Taste Preferences in European Children and Adolescents : Results from the I.Family Study.
In: Foods, Vol. 10, No. 2, 9.2.2021
Journal article > peer review
Lucia A. Reisch; Cass R. Sunstein; Mark Andor; Friederike C. Döbbe; Johanna Meier; Neal R. Haddaway / Mitigating Climate Change via Food Consumption and Food Waste : A Systematic Map of Behavioral Interventions.
In: Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 279, 1.2021
Review > peer review
Lucia A. Reisch; Cass R. Sunstein; Micha Kaiser / Most People Like Nudges : And Why That Matters.
In: Theories of Choice: The Social Science and the Law of Decision Making. . ed. /Stefan Grundmann; Philipp Hacker. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2021, p. 73-86
Book chapter > peer review
Lucia A. Reisch; Mario Schmidt / Nachhaltige Entwicklung
In: Verbraucherwissenschaften: Rahmenbedingungen, Forschungsfelder und Institutionen. . ed. /Peter Kenning; Andreas Oehler; Lucia A. Reisch. Wiesbaden : Springer 2021, p. 71-91
Book chapter > peer review
Jan M. Bauer; Sabine Bietz; Julius Rauber; Lucia A. Reisch / Nudging Healthier Food Choices in a Cafeteria Setting : A Sequential Multi-intervention Field Study.
In: Appetite, Vol. 160, 5.2021
Journal article > peer review
Felix Creutzig; Max Callaghan; Anjali Ramakrishnan; Aneeque Javaid; Leila Niamir; Jan Minx; Finn Müller-Hansen; Benjamin Sovacool; Zakia Afroz; Mark Andor; Miklos Antal; Victor Court; Nandini Das; Julio Díaz-José; Friederike C. Döbbe; Maria J. Figueroa; Andrew Gouldson; Helmut Haberl; Andrew Hook; Diana Ivanova; William F. Lamb; Nadia Maïzi; Érika Mata; Kristian S. Nielsen; Chioma Daisy Onyige; Lucia A. Reisch; Joyashree Roy; Pauline Scheelbeek; Mahendra Sethi; Shreya Some; Steven Sorrell; Mathilde Tessier; Tania Urmee; Doris Virag; Can Wan; Dominik Wiedenhofer; Charlie Wilson / Reviewing the Scope and Thematic Focus of 100 000 Publications on Energy Consumption, Services and Social Aspects of Climate Change : A Big Data Approach to Demand-Side Mitigation.
In: Environmental Research Letters, Vol. 16, No. 3, 2021, 15 p.
Letter > peer review
Lucia A. Reisch / Shaping Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems with Behavioural Food Policy
In: European Review of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 48, No. 4, 9.2021, p. 665-693
Journal article > peer review
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