Private housing

This service is exclusively available for incoming exchange students and only during the autumn semester.

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Finding private housing in Copenhagen is extremely difficult and the competition is huge. The demand for housing in the autumn semester grows year by year as the number of international students enrolled in many Danish universities increases  and young people from all over Denmark come to Copenhagen to study.

How we can help 

If you are an incoming exchange student we can help you find different housing options and we can guide you through the process of searching for a landlord and signing the contract.

The number of dorms available to CBS exchange students is limited. There are about 390 dorm places available and CBS accepts about 725 exchange students in the autumn semester.

Who we can help

This service is available only during the fall semester and it is exclusively for incoming exchange students. Unfortunately, we cannot help full degree students or Danish students to find housing.

Info for exchange students

Private Housing through CBS

Private Housing is a broad term and can be many things, but it is not a home-stay - you will maintain your independence yet at the same time you will get a chance to experience the Danish culture.

Different types of landlords and ladies
Our landlords/ladies can be senior citizens with big houses who rent their spare rooms after their children have left home. They can also be families with small children who want to have an international experience. Other landlords/ladies can be students who wish to let a spare room; in rare cases you can even be offered an apartment. It can also be students going on exchange themselves who therefore have an apartment or a room to rent out.

Type of place and cost
Your private housing offer will always include a room with a bed, a desk for studying, internet access, a dresser/closet for your clothes, and of course access to kitchen and bathroom. The price of the room will reflect the facilities to which you have access. The price range of rent per month is currently between DKK 4500-7500 DKK (2022).

Distance to CBS
Distances from CBS will also vary but in most cases you should expect at least a 30 minutes commute to CBS.

Why choose Private Housing?

Private Housing is an excellent opportunity to experience the Danish way of life and to have a quiet and relaxed study environment at home. A successful stay in private housing requires you to be open and flexible. Please check the house rules with your landlord/lady and remember to keep an open line of communication at all times.

Staying in a private home
You should consider that you will be renting a room in someone’s private home with access to kitchen and bathroom; this means that you must be prepared to show consideration for someone else’s property.

Learning about Danish culture
“When in Rome…Do as Romans do” An excellent way of learning about the Danish culture and to fit into a Danish environment is to observe how they act and act similarly. You will be surprised how quickly you will feel welcome. You can also learn some Danish words and practice them with your landlords/ladies; they will feel impressed and will probably help you with your pronunciation.

How does the application procedure work?

You will first be invited to apply for CBS´s student residences. However, since we do not have enough dorm accommodation for all our exchange students, those that remain without a housing offer will be contacted by us by e-mail. We will send you an application form, a link to our Private Housing Facebook group and some important information about your options.

You are welcome to look for Private Housing on your own at the same time; you just need to tell us if you find accommodation yourself.

Read this important Information about Private Housing.

Why Facebook?
Our Facebook group is an excellent tool to help you get in touch with other students who rent their room while being on exchange abroad. In the Facebook group you can share useful tips and experience with other students. You might even be in luck and find a big apartment you can share with other students from the Facebook group. Also, the Facebook group is a place where you can find information, guidance and support from the CBS administration. 

How to search for your own room in Copenhagen

Before leaving Denmark

It is imperative that you cancel your address and CPR number at the local municipality before you leave Denmark. Your landlord will not be able to do this your behalf. If you live in Frederiksberg or Copenhagen you can use this departure form

Students residing in Frederiksberg must send the form to:

Students residing in Copenhagen must send the form to:

Info for full degree international students and Danish students

Unfortunately, CBS cannot help you as full degree international student or Danish student find accommodation, but there are things you can do yourself.

See what you can do and where to get more information.


Private housing is part of the Housing Team at CBS.

Write to our private housing coordinator:

For landlords/ladies

Find out how renting to an international CBS student is a both easy and secure way to find a tenant. Find all the information you need here.

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