Why should you go the extra mile and work even harder getting your master's degree - and often in a very different environment than Copenhagen? Hear what recruiters from large Danish companies think about applicants with a double degree on their CV. And listen to former students about what is was like and what they do now.

Why Italy?
"I decided to strive for the double degree program already in my first years as an undergraduate. The motivational factors were as much personal as professional. After having lived and worked in France and studied the Francophile culture for several years, I had developed a genuine love of not only the Francophile but the Latin European culture and lifestyle in general. Especially Italy attracted me with its rich cultural and historical heritage, seeing that I have a deep interest in culture and its inherent merits. Furthermore, I had a desire to experience the Italian culture firsthand, comprising learning the Italian language. On a professional level, I saw the double degree as a strengthening factor in my pursuit of an international career and as a way to give my business profile a competitive edge. Additionally, I find that Milan being one of Europe’s cultural capitals provides one of the best frameworks for studies within the cultural industries. The prospect of going away for a year were for me ideal, as I doing my exchange in Montreal, thought that the stay were too short to properly immerse in the culture. The only concerned I had in this regard was the loss of network in Denmark."

LinkedIn logo  Christina Lidegaard BLC/SMC 2014
“Generally speaking, the time at Queen's is a very rewarding learning experience. …The classes are interactive and intriguing. The things we have learnt are enlightening and practical…. I would definitely recommend students to apply to the program.”

LinkedIn logo  Pengye (Kelly) Zhang, Writing master thesis at Copenhagen Business School and Queen's University
The main advantage of pursuing a double degree
“One great thing about the Double Degree program is that students have an excellent track record when they graduate. Of the people I know, one is for example Manager Trainee at Schibsted Media Group, one is trainee for MTG (an international broadcasting group), another one is at Georg Jensen and one of the girls I lived with in Milan will also start working for P&G after the summer. Two other friends of mine from the MIB Double Degree will start working for Arla and L’Oréal. So, to differentiate yourself to the rest of the students and get yourself in a good position to sign a great job, well that is probably the main advantage of pursuing a double degree and why I would suggest others to it.”

The Italian Study Style
"Even though double degree students only spend one year at the MM program at Bocconi, I still felt that we were seen as full time Bocconi students, being included in events and receiving info about different work opportunities etc. School wise Bocconi and CBS differ quite a lot when it comes to teaching methods and exams. All courses are taken in parallel with shorter lessons and in general, the exams only take an hour where teachers test students on detail level. This was of course a challenge to adapt to but in the end it was pretty nice to get some variation from how things are done at CBS.”

The vibrant city Milan
“Considering the life in Milan I have no complaints! Since I’ve been to Milan many times before and also spent an exchange semester there during my Bachelor, I already knew the city well when I got there so it was not hard to feel like home. However, if you have no previous experience with Milan, you will fast get adapted to the social aperitivo culture and many night options the city have to offer. There will of course also be plenty of double degree students from different universities that you can hang out with. Another really good thing with Milan is its proximity to ski resorts, lakes like Como and Garda and much more. Throughout my year I often went with friends for day tours and short weekends to visit the surrounding areas, a great experience!”

Any final words?
“I am very happy I got accepted to the Double Degree program and I would recommend every student at CBS to apply. To get two degrees from two of Europe's leading Universities during the same amount of time it would take to get it from one school, and, with no admission fee (!!!) is just to good to be true. I also feel like I have expanded my network as I still have been in contact with friends from Copenhagen while being in Milan meeting new ones. This, together with the great position students put themselves in for future job searches is probably my three main arguments for applying.”
LinkedIn logo  Therese Hanson, SMC/Bocconi 2014, Assistant Brand Manager for Procter & Gamble.
How do double degree graduates create value at Novo Nordisk A/S
“When we recruit graduates at Novo Nordisk we look at the applicants’ “tool box” – I assume that they have the necessary academic skills but personal skills are equally important. They need to be curious, engaged and have an extraordinary drive to have maximum value for us. I find that graduates with a double degree have shown that they are not afraid of getting involved in a new culture in a new country. They are more humble toward unknown challenges. That is very important for us. We get 10,000 applications for 60 spots at our graduate programme. Its important to stand out and graduates with a double degree are often more mature and robust. We encourage team players and people who believe that learning is a life long endeavor. A solid academic degree is the basis but the personal skills are key points in our recruitment strategy. “

Linkedin logo  Ove Munch Ovesen, Novo Nordisk Global Talent and Leadership Development


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