Non-European Students / Freemovers

This category is for students and professionals without EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship or a residence permit for Denmark

This applies to you if you are a student or professional who wants take summer courses out of interest, to acquire new skills or to improve your competence within a specific area and you do NOT have:

  • EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship or
  • a permanent residence permit for Denmark or another Nordic country: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands) or
  • one of the residence permits listed on For international students 

If you DO have one of the citizenship or a permanent residence permit listed above, you should apply as an Open University student/single course student.

Requirements for Non-European Student/Freemover

To apply for CBS Summer University as a non-European student/Freemover, you do not need to fulfil any requirements. However, we strongly recommend that you make sure that you fulfil the prerequisites for the courses you want to apply for. Please see Course preparation

Tuition fee and payment

All non-European students/Freemovers are required to pay tuition fees.

Your application will only be processed once we have received the tuition fee.

Course Price DKK Price EUR
3-weeks and 6-weeks bachelor course (7.5 ECTS) 12,000  1,600
3-weeks and 6-weeks graduate course (7.5 ECTS) 15,000  2,000
2-weeks bachelor and graduate course (2.5 ECTS) 5,750  767
The 2-week course The Walk and Talk of Corporate Sustainability: Operationalising Sustainability, ESG and Circular Economy  - CCMVA2409U  9,500  1,267

Payment deadline is 14 March 2024.

You pay by making an international bank transfer of the exact amount in DKK payable to Copenhagen Business School:

  • Bank name: Danske Bank
  • Bank address: Holmens Kanal 2-12, DK-1092 Copenhagen K
  • Registration number: 4183
  • Account number: 0009906258
  • IBAN: DK6230000009906258       
  • Swift: DABADKKK 
  • Name of the account holder: Copenhagen Business School
  • It is very important that the you state the following text in the message field on your transfer: Summer24 (student name) for CBS Accounts Department to identify your payment. If you forget to include this information it will take us longer to process your application.

Please note: you must pay all bank transaction fees, including those of the receiving bank, when you make a bank transfer. Make sure to instruct your bank not to share the fees but to debit all fees on the debit account.


You can withdraw from the programme and have the tuition fee refunded by sending an email to no later than 15 May 2024.

If you do not get your first or second priority, we will offer you another course. If you do not accept it, we will refund the paid amount within a month.

Living expenses

For an example over budget costs, please see budget/expected expenses.

Before applying

Once your course registration has been confirmed, you cannot change the courses. This also applies if you are taking courses to qualify for admission at CBS and you are notified by CBS Admissions that you need other courses in order to qualify.

You should also be aware that enrolment at CBS Summer University does not entail that you fulfil the entry requirements for full-time programmes at CBS or that you are guaranteed admission to full-time programmes at CBS. Find more information about admission to CBS graduate programmes on

How to apply

You apply in the online application flow MoveON.

Make sure that you read and fill in all the required information carefully.

You can find guides on how to log in and fill in an application on Guides to the application flow

Preparing your application

You will need to fill in the following information:

  • your personal data
  • your student category: Non-European student/Freemover
  • Select the course(s) that are your first priority. We also recommend that you choose alternative courses to each of your your priorities to increase your chances to get enrolled in the Summer University. However, choosing alternative courses is not mandatory, so do not select any if you do not want to take them.


You will need to fill in the following information: 

  • a copy of your most current grade transcript in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. A print out from the educational institution is acceptable but it must include your name, the institution and your grades. If your transcript is not in one of the stated languages, you must upload either an authorized translation or a translation signed by your home university. Transcripts in other languages will not be assessed as part of your application.
  • a copy of valid passport: the photo page and residence permit stickers, if applicable or EU/national identity card stating your citizenship. The documentation must be valid until the end of the application round as a minimum. Please note that a driver’s license is not accepted

Documentation deadline
All documentation must be uploaded to your application and the tuition fee must be paid by the application deadline, otherwise your application will be rejected.


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