You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about single courses, supplementary courses or as a guest or credit transfer student. Find contact information here.

Questions about registration, deadlines and the selection of courses

Send us an email

Call a student guidance counsellor 

We can guide you and help you with general questions about electives, single courses and supplementary courses.








3815 2710


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Monday - Thursday: 10.00-15.00


Closed: Thursday 5 October


Please note: We cannot process your application over the phone, but we can help you with general quesions

Questions about the course content

If you have any questions related to the academic content of a course, the curriculum or the prerequisites, you can contact the course coordinator of the course in question.

You will find contact information in the course description in the box to the right. 

Questions about the application portal

If you have questions related to the applicatiion portal e.g. how to log on to the system, you can contact the CBS IT support at:


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