Improving your chances

Find information about how to improve your chances of admission by taking extra courses.


Improving your chances

Being qualified does not mean you are guaranteed acceptance at the programme since all CBS graduate programmes have a limited number of places. If there are more qualified applicants than places available, a selection process takes place. Each programme has their own selection criteria which you can read about on the individual programmes' admission pages. See all available masters programmes and their entry requirements and selection criteria.

To improve your chances of being selected for admission, you can choose electives during your bachelor or take extra courses that add to your qualifications within the areas mentioned in the selection criteria.

You can take extra courses at CBS, or any university, as long as they are done at academic, research-based bachelor level and are relevant for the selection criteria. Remember, CBS Admissions reserves the right to assess if a course is relevant and will be used.

Extra courses must be documented and passed before the application deadline.

I want to take extra courses at CBS

If you want to take  extra courses at CBS, you have the following options:

Be sure to note the difference between extra courses and supplementary courses:

Extra courses are courses you take, in addition to fulfilling a programme's specific entry requirements. These may be taken to try and add to your qualifications in an area mentioned in the selection criteria. Extra courses must be documented and passed before the application deadline.

Supplementary courses are courses taken in addition to your bachelor degree, with the purpose of fulfilling the specific entry requirements for a graduate programme. There are specific rules about when you may take a supplementary course in order for it to be included in our assessment. Supplementary courses must be completed and documented before study start. Read more about the rules regarding supplementary courses.

On the websites listed above, you can find which bachelor level courses are offered and which course areas they can cover with regard to the specific entry requirements for our graduate programmes. You can also find information about application, course entry requirements and fees (if any), schedules, etc.


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