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Here you can find all you need to know about starting your studies at CBS.

Welcome to CBS!

Congratulations on your study place. Your official date of enrolment is 1 September. For winter intake, it is 1 February.

Here you will find information you may need before study start.

Introductory activities - week 34 and 35

Most study programmes at CBS start with introductory activities, which typically last a few days - in a few programme it may last up to 5 days. In 2022, they will take place between 22 August - 2 September (week 34 and 35).

The activities are not mandatory. However, we do recommend that you participate as you here will get a good introduction to the programme and the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and lecturers.

No later than Mid August, you can read more and find the dates and programme for your intro activities on Student life > Study Start > Introductory activities (CBS-login required)

Winter intake:
If you have been accepted with study start 1 February, the introductory activities will start in the end of January or the beginning of February.

Your digital access to CBS

To get access to CBS' IT systems and platforms, you will need your CBS user profile. Your user profile consists of a user name and a password.

It gives you access to your CBS-mail, your timetable and, which is your student intranet.

  • New to CBS: in the beginning of July, you will receive an email with information about your username and password and how to activate your user profile. The email will be sent to the email address you stated in your application in the Application Portal.
  • Current or former student at CBS: you must use your current username and password. If you cannot remember your username or password, please contact the IT Support on

Winter intake
If you have been accepted with study start 1 February, you will receive the email in the beginning of January. - your student intranet is your student intranet which is your entry to all you need to know as a student at CBS.

On the front page you will find news about study start which we recommend that you read thoroughly.

You can log on to once you have your CBS user profile.

Study start test

When you start your studies at CBS, you will have to take a course and pass a test on academic integrity and conduct.
Good academic practice is a competence you will need throughout your studies. It is an important part of being a university student. That is why we want to ensure that all our students are well prepared from the very beginning of their studies.
The course deals with how to work with sources and how to write an academic assignment. The purpose of the course is to ensure that you are prepared for writing academic projects at an adequate level without accidently cheating or committing plagiarism.
You can read more on (CBS log-in required). 
Apply for student grants - SU

Whether you are continuing your bachelor degree’s natural progression or are coming from another university, you must apply for education grants (SU).

You apply for SU at MinSU on

When can you apply?

  • If you take up a graduate programme immediately after the completion of your bachelor studies, you can apply for SU from 13 June, however, no sooner than two days after you accept your study place at CBS. 
  • If you do not take up a graduate programme immediately after the completion of your bachelor studies, you can apply for SU one month before you are eligible to receive SU. That means the first day you can apply for SU is 1 August.
  • Winter intake: if you have been accepted with study start 1 February, you can apply for SU 1 January

Processing time can be up to 4 weeks and your SU will not be disbursed until the middle of July or beginning of August.

Read more about SU on > Student life > SU > Apply for SU – Danish citizen (CBS-login required) or

SU for foreign citizens

If you are a foreign citizen, there are certain conditions you have to meet. You must also follow a special application process before you can receive any SU.

Read more about SU on > Student life > SU > Apply for SU – foreign citizen (CBS-login required) or

Please note that processing time may take up to 3 months.


It can be difficult to find a place to live in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, CBS cannot provide accommodation for students.

If you are looking for housing in Copenhagen, you can find more information and register for residence halls, rental and youth apartments here:

You can also find many private residence halls in Copenhagen. The easiest way to find them is to google: “kollegium København” or “residence hall Copenhagen”

Another option is to rent a room in a private apartment. On CBS Campus and on Facebook pages for CBS students, you can find people looking for students who want to rent a room.

You can also find various webpages where you can get in contact with people who are renting out rooms or apartments.

Beware of scam!

You should always watch out, when you are looking for accommodation, since there are many scammers who will try to rent a room or apartment to you which they do not own or does not exist.

The police offers good advice on how to make yourself more secure in your hunt for housing and avoid scam.

 Make sure to:

  • check that the person in fact owns the room or apartment in question
  • pay to a Danish bank account – if possible
  • always use your common sense
  • never let yourself be pressured by an eager letter or landlord

You can find the police’s good advice on the Police's webpage (only in Danish)

Here you can also find more information about how to report scam.

Read more here to learn about your rights as a tentant and how to receive legal aid. Note that the link is for the City of Copenhagen. If you live somewhere else, you need to contact that specific municipality.

Covid-19 in Denmark

At CBS, we are monitoring the development in Covid-19 closely and we follow all recommendations and guidelines from the authorities.

We want CBS's campus to feel safe for everyone. Consequently and in line with the authorities, we encourage you to stay home and get tested if you experience any symptoms of Covid-19. Read more and keep updated on

If your are travelling to CBS and Denmark from another country, you can find the current rules of entry on

For international students

Moving to another country to study can be quite challenging, but help is available.

Find info for international students on

Read much more about what CBS has to offer international students at > Student life > International Students (CBS-login required)

Get help from  CBS' International Student Ambassadors

You can also get help from CBS’ International Student Ambassadors, ISA. ISA are around 25 CBS students who helps new international students to get settled at CBS and in Copenhagen.

Find ISA at Facebook:

How to register in Denmark

You must register with the Danish Civil Register (CPR).

You can read all about how to register at > Student life > Registration in Denmark (CBS-login required)

Survival guide to life in Denmark

You can find tips, insights and information on how to get the best possible student life in Denmark in the International Students’ Survival Guide to Life in Denmark.

Find the guide here

Survival Guide 2022

Need a confirmation on your studies?

In order for us to confirm that you are a student you need to have a CBS-mail. We use the CBS-mail to send you to the confirmation securely.

Are you a new student at CBS you will recieve your CBS user profile and CBS-mail in the beginning of June. We will send this to you on the mail that you have written in the application portal.

You can get two types of confirmations:

1. Verified copy of your acceptance letter

You can have your acceptance letter digitally signed as a proof that you are accepted to CBS.

To get a verified copy of your acceptance letter, send an email to You must attach your acceptance letter to the email. We will sign the letter and send it back to you by email as a PDF file.

2. Confirmation of enrolment

A confirmation of enrollment is your proof that you are enrolled in a programme at CBS. You can only get a confirmation of enrolment if you are fully accepted to CBS.

To get a confirmation of enrolment, send your acceptance letter to We will make the confirmation and send it to you by email as a PDF file.

Read more about confirmations of enrolment on > IT and Campus > Guide to the Online Student Service > Confirmation of enrolment (CBS-login required)

In need of special support - SPS?

If you suffer from dyslexia or have a physical or psychological disability, which prevents you from completing your programme at the same conditions as other students, you can apply for special support and aids, the so-called Special Education Support (SPS).

Read more at > Student Life > Special Educational Support (SPS) (CBS-login required)

Virtual campus tour


Questions about your new study programme or CBS?

If you have questions about your study programme or CBS, you are welcome to contact your student guidance counsellor or Student Hub.

Find contact information

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