English level B - Graduate programmes

The language requirements are very strict. Be sure to check what level is required for each programme you are applying to. On this page you will find information about how you fulfil English level B.

Do I fulfil the English level B requirement?

If you do not yet fulfil the English requirement when applying, that is okay. You are welcome to apply and will have until study start to document that you fulfil the requirement (This deadline is 1 June if you are a non-EU citizen and need a student residence permit). If you need to take a language test/exam, your scores must be available to CBS Admissions by this time.

The English requirements are very strict, and only the qualifications listed below are accepted as alternative fulfilment.

The following are not accepted alternatives:

- taking a bachelor degree taught in English (except for specific circumstances listed below)
- having a letter from your university
- having a letter from a professor
- documentation for an English test other than the specific ones listed below

NB: If you are studying at a Danish bachelor programme at CBS, you automatically fulfil the English B language requirement.

EU/EEA exams that fulfil the requirement

The qualifications listed in the table below fulfill the English B requirement for applicants from certain EU/EEA countries and applicants with an International Baccalaureate. For English B equivalency in other countries within EU/EEA , please see Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation. Remember to attach documentation from your upper secondary education with the number of hours and course content for courses that you think can fulfil the English B requirement.

Country Exam Course
Sweden Slutbetyg från Gymnasieskolan Engelska min. Kurs C
Norway Vitnemål Videregående Opplæring

Før Kundskabsløftet:
Engelsk min. 8 ugetimer, allmenfaglig retning

Efter Kundskabsløftet:
Engelsk VG1 + VG2 (International English)
(SPR 3008 + SPR 3009)

International International Baccalaureate English A1, higher level
English A2, higher level
English B, higher level
English A1, standard level
English A2, standard level
English B, standard level
What language tests can I take?

The following English tests/exams are accepted instead of English level B:

  • IELTS (academic) test result of at least 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in each discipline)
  • Cambridge C2 Proficiency (Certificate of Proficiency in English) passed
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced (Certificate of Advanced English) passed
  • TOEFL iBT test result of at least 83 (minimum 20 in each discipline)

Deadlines for English tests/exams for graduate programmes:

When you apply, you must upload a registration for a language test/exam. To ensure that your test/exam scores are available to us on time, it is important that you sign up for a test/exam taking place well in advance before the deadline for documenting your English proficiency (by study start or if you are a non-EU citizen and need a student residence permit, no later than 1 June 2019). You should expect 3-4 weeks from the test date until you can make the results available to CBS, as follows:

-  If you take a TOEFL test: you must ask the TOEFL institution to make your scores available to CBS. Our institutional code is 7035. You may choose any of the available department codes. Upload a copy of the score sheet to Application Portal when you have received it. We need the score sheet in order to verify your scores in the ETS database.

- If you take an IELTS test: you must upload a copy of your score sheet as well as instruct the IELTS test center to make your scores available to CBS.

- If you take a Cambridge exam: you must upload a copy of your diploma and Statement of Results as well as make your scores available to CBS through the Cambridge English Candidate Results Website.

General information on English tests/exams:

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language: You can either take this test in Denmark or elsewhere in the world. See TOEFL for further information on the TOEFL test; for the TOEFL test offered in Copenhagen, see Studieskolen's website. CBS does not accept copies of test results: you are to ask for the result to be sent to CBS's Institutional Code (7035). Please note that a TOEFL test that is more than two years old cannot be confirmed by TOEFL/ETS and therefore it cannot be used. Also, please note that TOEFL tests results sent to CBS from ETS are the property of CBS and will not be handed over to applicants; copies (whether certified or not) will not be handed out to applicants either. The results may be used internally at other departments at CBS (e.g. The International Office); if you wish to have a TOEFL result sent to another department at CBS, please go to the contact pages.

IELTS - International English Language Testing System: IELTS is organised by British Council all over the world. CBS only accepts IELTS academic test results. See IELTS for further information on IELTS worldwide and EDU Denmark for information on IELTS in Denmark. Find practice materials to help you prepare for the IELTS test.
CBS accepts copies of test results uploaded in the Application Portal, as we are able to have the results confirmed online. Please note that an IELTS test that is more than two years old may not necessarily be confirmed by IELTS - if we are not able to have your result confirmed because it is more than two years old, we will inform you and you are then to fulfil the English requirement in another way.

Cambridge exams: You will find general information on the Cambridge examinations here. In Copenhagen the test is administered by Studieskolen.

How do I choose which test to take?

If you need an English test to fulfil the English requirements, it is your responsibility to find an institution that offers it, sign up for a test at a suitable available date and have the scores sent to CBS Admissions Office.

Take the test as soon as possible!
Don’t wait until August – you might be surprised to find out that all the test dates have already been booked.

Prepare for the test!
Find out what the test consists of and practice in advance – most testing institutions provide test takers with preparation materials. Do not underestimate the difficulty of the test – last year, almost 49% of the CBS TOEFL test takers failed to score enough points the first time they took the test.

Find practice materials to help you prepare for the IELTS test
Find practice materials to help you prepare for the TOEFL test

Consider which test is best for you!
Different English language tests and exams measure your language skills in different ways. Know your strengths and choose a test that will enhance these.

Below we have listed the most common types of English tests and exams that meet the English language requirement for CBS:

Name of test/exam

Short description of test/exam with comments

IELTS test

The IELTS test has four sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The speaking section takes the form of a face-to-face interview, where an examiner and the test taker engage in conversation. This is usually an advantage for test takers with strong speaking skills. A variety of native-speaker accents (North American, Australian, New Zealand, and British) is used in the listening section, and all standard varieties of English are accepted in all parts of the test.

Paper-based TOEFL test

The TOEFL PBT test has three sections: listening comprehension, structure and written expression, and reading comprehension, plus a 30-minute writing test. There is no speaking section in the TOEFL PBT test, which might be a disadvantage for test-takers with strong speaking skills.

Internet-based TOEFL test

The TOEFL iBT test has four sections (listening, reading, speaking and writing). The speaking section is not a conversation – you speak into a microphone attached to the computer, which can be seen as an inconvenient by certain test takers. You might be more comfortable taking this test if you are used to American English and accents.

English B at GSK If you live in Denmark and understand Danish at a high level, you should consider taking a GSK course and exam in English level B. The advantage is that you also participate in classes and receive teaching, while the exam has a familiar form as it is similar to any other Danish upper secondary exam.

Cambridge Exam
(Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency passed or Certificate of Advanced English passed with A or B or C)

The exam consists of five sections, including an oral section which takes the form of a face-to-face interview with an examiner. A Cambridge certificate is valid for life, whereas the TOEFL or IELTS expire after two years.

Alternative way of fulfilling the  language requirement

Only the following alternatives are accepted as fulfilment of English B:

  • A complete bachelor degree done in English in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UK or the US
  • A complete upper secondary education done in English in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK or the US
  • A Danish bachelor degree done at university level (not university college)

NB: A bachelor degree taught in English does not fulfil the requirement unless it is one of the specific cases listed above.


From the 2021 admission round and onwards, the English language requirement must be fulfilled by the application deadline.

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