CEMS / Master's in International Management


Information meeting for applicants

Date: September 12, 2023
Location: SPs12
Time: 15:20 - 16:45


Who can apply?

In order to apply for the CEMS MIM, you must be currently enrolled at CBS in the first semester in one of the following degree programmes:

NB: Students enrolled at CBS in other MSc (cand.merc.) programmes such as cand.merc. aud., cand.merc.(dat.), cand.merc.(fil.), cand.merc.(jur.), cand.merc.(kom.), cand.merc.(mat.)., or cand.soc., may not apply to the CEMS MIM.

GPA requirement
Applicants must have a minimum final GPA (gennemsnit) at the bachelor level of 7.0 on the Danish scale.

English language requirement
All applications must include documentation of proficiency in English by way of one of the following: 

  • TOEFL iBT:minimum 100 points. TOEFL "MyBestScores" is not accepted. 
  • IELTS Academic/IELTS Indicator: 7 or higher
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English: grade B or higher
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: grade C or higher
  • Cambridge BEC Higher: grade B or higher
  • CBS bachelor's degree entirely taught in English. 
  • Bachelor's degree entirely taught in English obtained in an English speaking country or if from a CEMS or EQUIS/AACSB accredited institution. Language of instruction must be declared on the diploma or confirmed by the university. 
  • CEMS Mother Tongue declaration (if applicable)

Language 2 requirement

  • Documentation of mother tongue through the CEMS Mother Tongue declaration. This form will be available on my.cbs.dk. 
  • If your mother tongue is English, you must submit proof of proficiency in one additional language at minimum CEFR-level B1 (oral and written) through a CEMS-approved test or course, or through proof of secondary education or university degree completed entirely in the target language. See the list of commercial language tests and cultural institutes offering approved language courses on cems.org. Contact cems@cbs.dk for further details. 



Application deadline: October 30, 2023 at 12:00 noon. All requested information must be submitted using the application portal (see link below) in English or in the original language with an accompanying English translation.

  • Motivational Essay. Maximum 1 page (PDF) Max. 1000 words: motivation and interest in the CEMS MIM program and answering the following three questions with a practical example:
    • International orientation: describe an experience/situation abroad that challenged or impressed you (e.g. during an internship, a project, travels, or the like)
    • Integrity: what was the greatest set-back in your life so far, and how did it affect you? 
    • Desire to achieve: describe an outstanding achievement and why you are proud of it
  • CV/resume
  • Copy of entire Bachelor’s degree transcript. If the diploma is from an institution outside of Denmark and/or does not have a GPA calculation, you must include an official explanation of the grading system, as well as the grade conversion of your degree, using the guidelines from the CBS International Office
  • Personality survey. Form will be provided on my.cbs.dk.
  • Your study plan, where you plan out your combined 2nd year of MSc. studies & CEMS MIM requirements. Form will be provided on my.cbs.dk.
  • Prioritization and motivation of 10 CEMS exchange partner schools for your mandatory semester abroad.
  • English proficiency documentation, see above.
  • Language 2 documentation, see above. 
  • 1 letter of recommendation/reference. 

Please follow the following link to the online application, found on my.cbs.dk. For CBS students only. 


The applicants will be evaluated and ranked based on an assessment of: 

  • Academic performance (Grade Point Average) (70%)
  • Work experience (15%)
  • Volunteer work (15%)

The top 70 applicants will be invited to an interview on either November 9 or 10, in either the morning or the afternoon. The interview will be conducted in English, usually by a combination of CBS representatives, including the CBS CEMS Academic Director, the CEMS Programme Manager as well as CEMS corporate partner representatives and alumni. The interview will include an individual presentation by the student. 

The CEMS selection criteria are:

  • Intellectual Potential and Knowledge
    • Intellectual Potential
    • Academic Excellence
    • Prior Knowledge in the Business Field
  • Attitude and Soft Skills
    • Desire to Achieve
    • Interpersonal Competencies
    • Integrity
    • Critical Thinking
    • Motivation for the MIM Programme
  • Global Orientation
    • Language Skills
    • International Openness and Cross-Cultural Aptitudes

Students final selection will be selected based on an overall evaluation of the application.

Please note that students may apply to the CEMS programme at CBS only once. If you are not accepted into the programme based on your written application or your overall application and performance during the assessment center it is not possible to apply again. The decision made by the assessment center panel is final.

Mandatory semester abroad

All CBS CEMS students spend one semester abroad at a CEMS partner school. Due to the nature of the CEMS MIM program, the CEMS office reserves the right to select students for a specific term (either Term 1 or Term 2) regardless of the student’s indicated priority.

NB: Regarding a “regular” exchange semester abroad

•    If you are interested in applying for a Regular Exchange semester abroad, in the event you are not accepted to CEMS, you must submit a separate application for Regular Exchange to the CBS International Office after you have received your rejection notification.
•    If you are accepted to CEMS, and you accept this opportunity, you will not be allowed to apply for Regular Exchange.
•    If you are accepted to CEMS, but decline this opportunity, you will not be allowed to apply for a Regular Exchange.


CBS does not charge tuition for participation in the CEMS MIM.


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