If you have questions about our bachelor programmes or admission, you are welcome to contact us.


Student Guidance Services 

If you have questions about one or more programmes, or if you need help choosing the right programme for you, you are welcome to contact a student quidance counsellor.  

Sport at elite level 

If you are an elite athlete and need to have a special plan for the course of your studies, you can contact the Student Guidance Counsellors for your programme.

Contact a student guidance counsellor
You can contact a student guidance counsellor by calling us. If you need it, we will be happy to book a guidance session for you. 

English bachelor programmes: IBA, BLC, DM, IB, IBP, SEM, Shipping og Soc

Phone: +45 3815 2709
Monday and Thursday 10-12
Closed Thursday 7 February

HA Almen Erhvervsøkonomi and HA pro.

Phone:                          +45 3815 2715
Monday and Wednesday 10-12

HA EB, HA(it.), HA(jur.) and HA(mat.)

Phone:                          +45 3815 2720
Monday and Wednesday 10-12

BA IMK, HA(fil.), HA(kom.) and HA(psyk.)

Phone:                         +45 3815 3118
Tuesday and Thursday 10-12
Closed Tuesday 15 January 2019

Graduate programmes

If you have questions about CBS’graduate programmes, you can contact the Student Guidance Counsellors for the graduate programmes

Admission and application

If you have questions about entry requirements, quota 1 and 2, the application, or anything else regarding admission, you are welcome to contact us.

Contact us 

Phone +45 3815 2710
Monday to Thursday 9.30 - 15.30
Thursday 7 February Closed due to Open Day

If you have technical questions or problems with, please contact the support for

Disabilities and function impairments

If you have physical or psychological disability, you can appply for support and aids, in order for you to complete a programme on equal terms as other. The support is called Special Educational Support (SPS and Specialpædagogisk Støtte (SPS) in Danish.

Contact Special Educational Support (SPS)
You are welcome to contact an SPS counsellor at CBS for guidance and information by sending an email to

Guide for parents

Are you helping an applicant to apply at CBS, you can find advice on what to do under Guide for parents

Former CBS student?

Are you are former CBS students, you can find information about documentation and confirmations under Former CBS students


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