Find out which documentation you must upload when you apply for a programme at CBS.

You must upload documentation for everything you wish to be used in the assessment of your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that all documentation uploaded is correct and legible. 

All documentation must be uploaded to your application at We do NOT accept any kind of documentation sent by e-mail or regular post.

Please note: all fraudulent documentation will be reported to the relevant authorities, such as the police.

Documentation Checklist

Use the check list below to ensure that you have uploaded the correct documentation to your application at

  • Your upper secondary school exam certificate: We must have your final certificates by the given deadline. Check your country under International applicants for more information.
  • Applicants with a non-EU/EEA educational background: Documentation showing that you have the correct level of education to fulfil the general and specific entry requirements (including courses descriptions where relevant). Please check Entry requirements for more information about achieving the correct level.
  • Supplementary courses: Upload your final certificate(s) for any supplementary courses or tests you may have taken.
  • Residence permit/receipt for Application Fee: For non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss citizens only. For further information please refer to the section for International Applicants.
  • Nationality: You must upload a copy of your passport, which clearly indicates your nationality, when you apply. If you have dual nationality, then you must upload copies of both passports.
  • Activities in Quota 2: You must upload any documentation to your application under ‘attachments’ by 15 March 12 noon (CET) at the very latest.
  • Motivational Essay: Applicants in Quota 2 applying to certain programmes, all applicants with a non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss educational background and all dispensee applicants must upload their motivational essay(s) (see Selection quotas for more information).
  • Translation: If you have documents that are not in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Spanish or German, then you must upload a translation as well as a scan of the originals. Documents that are not in one of the above languages will not be assessed as part of your application. You are welcome translate all relevant documents yourself.
  • Miscellaneous: it is your responsibility to upload documentation for any other activities / parts of your application that you wish to have taken into consideration.

NB: You must also remember to carefully read the receipt information in connection with your application to in order to double check whether or not you need to upload any extra documentation.

Re-takes due to illness
If you have been ill for your final Upper Secondary School exam and will finish it in August instead, you are to upload documentation for this before 5 July 12 noon CET, and we will assess your application when the results are available.

The final day for sending the diploma is 15th September, 12:00 noon CET.
Final certificates after 5 July
If you get your final diploma/certificate after 5 July, you have until the 8th of July, 16.00 CET, to upload the diploma to After this date we do not accept diplomas and they will not be processed.

If you are completing your upper secondary degree this year and you get your diploma after the 8th of July, 16.00 CET, you have to wait until next application round to apply.


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