Course preparation

    Course prerequisites

    All courses have prerequisites that are the academic qualifications necessary to complete the course. You can find the prerequisites in the course descriptions.

    In your application you will be asked to confirm that you fulfil the prerequisites for the courses you choose. So you should make sure to fulfil them before applying. It is your own responsibility to assess whether or not you fulfil the course prerequisites.

    Academic recommendations

    Academic level
    Courses offered at CBS Summer University are regular university courses taught in English at either undergraduate or graduate level. We strongly recommend that only students with good academic standing apply. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you are able to follow the courses and pass the exams.

    Level of English Proficiency
    You are not required to submit any proof of English proficiency. Since all courses are taught in English and at a high academic level, we highly recommend that you have a strong command in both oral and written English, otherwise it might be difficult to follow the courses and pass the exams.

    We recommend all students to have an English proficiency corresponding to any of the tests and certificates listed below:

    • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): minimum result of 185
    • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): minimum of 185
    • IELTS Academic Test: minimum result of 7.0
    • TOEFL iBT: minimum result of 94

    Preliminary assignment

    3-week and 6-week courses include a preliminary assignment. There is no preliminary assignment for 2-week courses. 

    All students are expected to complete a preliminary assignment before classes begin. The workload is approx. 20 hours.

    You will receive information with all details by the end of May on Canvas, which is CBS' learning platform. You can find more information about Canvas below.

    Preliminary assignment at bachelor level

    In all bachelor courses, the preliminary assigment is a Nordic Nine pre-course. It is identical for all bachelor courses.

    The Nordic Nine pre-course is designed to equip you for your studies, nurturing an understanding of our values, strategy, and what it means to be studying at CBS.

    The assignment has two parts:

    1. Online lectures and tutorials that you can access at your own time and
    2. A workshop which will be offered both online and on campus at several dates and times before the official start of the summer university courses. You will need to sign up.
    Preliminary assignment at graduate level

    The preliminary assignment will be uploaded on Canvas with more information about the details including hand-in information in May.

    The preliminary assignment will be included in the final exam, but the assignment is without independent assessment and grading.


    Course literature

    You can find information about the curriculum and the required literature in the courses descriptions.

    CBS Library and facilities
    All students enrolled in CBS Summer University will get access to the library facilities including all electronic resources such as databases, journals, news articles and much more. 

    Find more information about the CBS Library

    Buying books
    CBS Library tries to have a copy of the required literature for all courses. However, we cannot guarantee that it will always be available to you, since you will be sharing the resources with many other students.

    Therefore, we recommend that you buy the required text(s), and use the CBS Library for supplementary reading.

    Information about author, title, publisher and ISBN number is available in the course descriptions. if you have questions about the course literature, please contact the course coordinator. You can find their contact information in the course descriptions. 


    CBS Canvas is CBS' learning platform where you will find semester plans, syllabi and other teaching materials for you to read and prepare for classes.

    You can also share assignments and communicate with your lecturers and fellow students.

    You will need a CBS login to access Canvas. You receive your CBS login by the end of May.

    Go to CBS Canvas is the student intranet for students enrolled at CBS. Here you will find all information about your studies, exams, rules and regulations, student life, campus, IT and contact information. You will also get news from CBS and invitations to CBS events. 

    You will need a CBS login to access

    After you have been admitted to the course, you will receive your CBS username and password, which is needed for logging in. You should receive this by the end of May.

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