Important information about private housing

CBS Housing Team helps facilitate contact between exchange students and private landlords/ladies during the fall semester.

Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

Important information and general guidelines

In order to make your stay as pleasant and problem free as possible we ask you to read the information on this page carefully. It contains some very important information as well as some general guidelines. 

Please bear in mind that there will almost always be challenges when two cultures meet. You will improve your experience in Denmark considerably if you keep an open mind and show tolerance towards opinions and ways of living that are different from what you are used to. 

Rent in private housing

Upon arrival you must pay rent for the first 1½ to 2 months along with your deposit, which is equivalent to one month’s rent, unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed with the landlord/lady.

You are responsible for paying rent for the whole semester. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions regarding your accommodation and your rent. You must always sign a sublease agreement or a Rental Contract. It will help you later if problems should occur. If you have any questions about the Rental Contract or sublease agreement you should contact the free legal aid service Copenhagen Legal Aid (Københavns Retshjælp).

In private housing you pay rent at the beginning of every month, directly to your landlord/lady. 

Check your email
Make sure to check your CBS email often, preferably every day. Sometimes changes occur which we will notify you about via email, and we often need a quick reply. Remember to check your ‘junk folder’ often, as sometimes that is where emails from CBS will end up. 
Before arrival
If you wish to cancel your assigned private accommodation before arrival, please contact both your landlord/lady and CBS Housing Team immediately. If you cancel a housing offer, CBS Housing Department will not be able to offer you any other form of accommodation for your stay.  

After arrival
If for any reason, you have to leave Copenhagen earlier than expected, you must still adhere to the Sublease or Rental Agreement and all of its conditions. 
Refund of deposit
In private housing, your deposit will be returned before your departure. Your landlord/lady reserves the right, if necessary, to charge you for bringing the premises back to the state in which they were when you moved in and for cleaning common areas.  

Please make sure to go through the apartment, if at all possible, with your landlord/lady upon arrival. It is also advisable to make an inventory list of missing or damaged items together with the landlord/lady. It is very important to arrange a “check out” inspection with your landlord/lady prior to your departure and make sure you receive your deposit BEFORE you leave the room.  
Take photosTo avoid confusion, we recommend that you take photos both on arrival and on departure.

Please note that the CBS Housing Team will not be able to help you to recover your deposit if you do not receive it on departure. Nor will CBS be able to compensate you for the loss of you deposit. CBS can only facilitate contact between landlords/ladies and students. We regret that we are not able to arbitrate or assist in any disputes.  If you experience problems of a legal nature Copenhagen Legal Aid (Københavns Retshjælp) provides free legal advice. 
TelephoneUse of the telephone is normally not included when you rent a private room. However, some landlords/ladies have agreed to accept important calls from your family, home university, CBS, etc. Your landlord/lady might agree to let you use the telephone with a pre-paid calling card, but it is not a requirement.  

When you arrive you and your landlord/lady should settle the rules for the use of the telephone and discuss house rules in general right away. 

Questions to the CBS Housing Team

It is important to us that you understand that inexpensive and perfectly located accommodation is very hard to find in Copenhagen. It is also a recurring problem to find enough student housing.

We do our utmost to comply with both your and the landlords/ladies wishes and preferences. However, it is not always possible to fulfil these completely.  

What to do when offered private housing
When we have an offer for you we will write to both you and the landlord/ladywith information. Please respond to this offer by contacting the landlord/lady directly but also by sending CBS Housing Team an email confirming that you have contacted the landlord/lady.

You receive only one offer
Please note that if you turn down an accommodation offer, CBS Housing Team will not be able to help you further. You will receive only one offer from us.

Avoid scams
If you decide to look for accommodation yourself, please read about how to avoid being scammed.

Once you have agreed to stay in the housing arranged for you, it is your own responsibility if you decide to change accommodation.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the CBS Housing Team at

We hope you will have a wonderful time in Copenhagen! 

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