Start your bachelor studies at CBS

At CBS, you can choose between 18 different bachelor programmes, all with their own specialisation. Our programmes are based on a strong and internationally renowned research base and you will find programmes combining business studies with politics, sociology, language, IT, communication, and more.

Find all the bachelor programmes at CBS.

How to choose

When choosing which bachelor programme to apply for, it is a good idea to get familiar with all the different programmes. If you want to understand how certain programmes differ from eachother, you can compare the different programmes here.

It's also a good idea to visit Open Days at CBS. Here, you get the chance to talk to current students from all the different programmes as well as hear in-depth presentations about each programme.

Prepare to apply

Once you have decided which programme to apply for, it is important that you make sure you live up to all the requirements in order to have a chance to get offered a study spot. Start preparing your application early to make sure you have all the documentation you need.

Learn more about admission and the entry requirements at CBS.

Get familiar with the campus life

Starting a bachelor programme is more than just the programme itself. To see if CBS is the place for you, read what current students have to say about the student life.

Under each programme, you can also find student testimonials by current students.

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