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Here’s what you can do to help an applicant to apply for admission at CBS


One of the most important factors for young people when choosing a study programme is the influence from parents, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend and other close relations.

Therefore, it may be of great importance how you go about supporting an applicant. Here you can find our advice on how to best support an applicant in choosing the right programme and applying for admission at CBS.

Contacting CBS

We recommend that you encourage the applicant to contact CBS on their own if they have any questions.

We do so for various reasons:

  • When we talk directly to the applicant, we can ask questions and have a dialogue that ensures the applicant gets answers to exactly what they need
  • Some information will get lost when getting relayed through a third party
  •  It is limited what we can talk to you about, since we are not allowed to pass on information about an applicant, an application or other personal information.

Choice of study programme

It can be difficult to choose a study programme, but you can do various things to help the applicant.

You probably have your own opinions about different study programmes, and what you think is the best for the applicant. And your opinion may have a great bearing on the choice, the applicant is about to make.

Therefore you should remind yourself that it is only the applicant who can make the right choice for themselves.

The best thing you can do is to:

  • Be a good and objective sounding board
  • Support the applicant’s choices and opinions
  • Be curious and open to the applicant’s interests and wishes
  • Ask questions and listen
  • Avoid airing your own prejudices or negative attitudes about specific programmes or lines of business

Attend Open Days

Attending Open Days is often the best way to get a feel for CBS and to get a lot of information about programme content, admission and student life - all in one go.

At Open Dys you can hear presentations about CBS’ programmes and talk to students and student guidance counsellors.

It can be a good support for an applicant to participate along with others since it will give you input for further conversation about their choice of programmes. Just remember to make sure, that the applicant is in control of the day and has the opportunity to find out all they want to know about CBS and CBS’ programmes.

You can prepare for the day by talking about what the applicant wishes to get out of the day and which answers they need. On the day itself you can support the applicant by providing an extra set of ears and reminding the applicant about the questions they need to ask.

Read more about Open Days.

Application and admission

There may be a lot to keep track of when applying for admission and you can easily get doubts about rules and procedures.

It may be comforting for the applicant to have someone to talk to about their application and the admission process, since it can be an extra guarantee for having understood everything correctly and having remembered everything. But make sure that it is the applicant who applies because in the end it should be their own responsibility.

Participate in infomeetings

If you want to know more about admission and application than you can find on, you can participate in one of our many infomeetings on admission.

Find dates, time and place for admission infomeetings

Applicant with a non-Danish upper secondary degree

If you are helping an applicant with a foreign background, you can find much more information about how to apply on:

International applicants

More information for international applicants

You can find much more information about being an international student at CBS and in Copenhagen on:

For internationals

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