Find information about how to apply for an exemption and see what the outcome usually is of a particular type of exemption.

Below you will find a list of the most common types of exemption requests. Following each type of request, there is a description of the common CBS Admissions practice in response to that type of request. Your exemption request will only be assessed if CBS offers you a place.

The processing time for an application for exemption is approximately one month from when we have received your exemption request. If you apply for an exemption
due to incomplete bachelor degree by study start, you can expect to receive an answer to your exemption request one month from the date you received a study place offer at the earliest. 

Remember: Each application for exemption is reviewed on a case-to-case basis, taking into account your personal and specific situation. The information in the table below should therefore be viewed as guidelines rather than definitive responses to each type of request.

Admission to full-time degree programmes is regulated by The "Admission Order" on Admission and Enrolment to Bachelor's and Master’s Programmes at Universities ("Adgangsbekendtgørelsen") which can be found at retsinformation.dk (in Danish only). 

In addition to this, admission is regulated by the individual Rules and Regulations (Studieordning) for each degree programme.

As an applicant, you are thus subject to a lot of rules, but in some areas, special circumstances could result in an exemption being given.

Exemptions practice


Type of exemption Exemption Practice
Entry requirements:  
Academic entry requirements Exemption is typically not granted  
Language requirement Alternative fulfilment is very rarely granted
General entry requirement (a Bachelor degree) Alternative fulfilment may be granted
Supplementary activities that exceeds 30 ECTS-points Exemption cannot be granted
Supplementary activities outside the time constrains cf. the rules regarding supplementary courses (under 'Becoming qualified') Exemption cannot be granted  
Application deadline Exemption is typically not granted
Documentation deadline Exemption may be granted in exceptional situations
Incomplete bachelor degree by study start Exemption only possible if you are studying a bachelor degree at CBS*

If you are not studying a bachelor degree at CBS it is not possible to get an exemption to begin your graduate studies while completing your bachelor degree.

Graduate programme regulations:



You already have a master’s degree and are applying to take the same master’s degree with a new concentration (typically at MSc EBA/ cand.merc.)

Exemption cannot be granted

You already have a master’s degree and are applying to take a new master's degree Exemption may be granted in exceptional situations. Read more under the headline 'Previous studies at Master's level' 

* In order to be granted an exemption, CBS Admissions must find it feasible for you to pass the missing courses needed to finish your bachelor degree while doing graduate level courses, corresponding to a full semester load. Your request for exemption must be as specific and detailed as possible. It is not possible to get this type of exemption if you are studying a HD2 degree.

If you are granted the exemption you must complete your bachelor degree by 31 January. If you do not pass your bachelor degree within the deadline, your place as a graduate student will be annulled.

If you are eligible for SU (Student Grant), please be aware that this type of exemption may have consequences for your SU grant. 

How to apply for an exemption

Exemption from the requirement of a passed CBS bachelor's degree
If you wish to apply for an exemption to begin your master studies while finishing your bachelor degree you must fill out our form and upload it in the Application Portal. Read more and find the form (under 'If you cannot meet the deadline for fulfilling the conditions´).

Other types of exemptions
If you wish to apply for an exemption, you must upload a request and relevant documentation in the Application Portal.

If you are unable to upload your documentation p
lease write to Admissions and ask for your application to be opened.


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