Student residences

The student residences that CBS has access to are located in different areas of Copenhagen.

Students residences availability

Spring semester 2024:
Start: 12 noon, 12 January
End: 12 June 2024
Summer university 2024:
Start: 12 noon, 21 June
End: 4 August 2024
Autumn semester 2024:
Start: 12 noon, 16 August
End: 31 December 2024

About the student residences

Kathrine Kollegiet
Kongens Tværvej
 Tietgen Kollegiet 
Nimbuspark  - Graduate dorm

Exceptionally for the fall semester 2024

You also have access to these two modern student residences:

  • UMEUS at Amager and Valby*
  • The Mark at Brøndby

*Please notice that it will not be possible to choose between UMEUS Amager and Valby on the application form.

The Mark
UMEUS Amager



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