How to apply

On this page you can find information about the application process for our graduate programmes, including information about required documentation. You can also find the link to our online Application Portal.


The 2020 summer application round for admission to all Master’s programmes at CBS, with expected study start in September 2020, is now open for Group 1 applicants only. (It is no longer possible to apply in Group 2).

Find information about application groups and deadlines

Online Application

You apply for CBS graduate programmes via the Danish universities' shared Application Portal. It is here that you upload documentation, receive instructions from your caseworker, find the answer to your application and confirm your place of study, if you are offered one.

Prepare in advance - it takes time to fill out an application!

We recommend you start working on your application well in advance of the application deadline. We estimate it takes at least 40 minutes to fill out an application if you have your documentation ready beforehand.

Link to the Application Portal:

Application Portal

Log in guide to the Application Portal
The Application Portal can be accessed via NemID, with an existing student login at a Danish university, or by creating a new user account.

For information on how to log in to the system, please see the documents listed below. 

  • How to access the Application Portal 




Once you have submitted an application, a confirmation letter will be uploaded to your account in the Application Portal, under the "Messages" tab. Check the letter and note your Application ID number. You will need it in order to communicate with CBS Admissions regarding your application.

You will receive a notification email every time there is an update to your application.

Number of programmes you can apply for
You can apply for three programmes/concentrations at CBS per application round. You will need to fill out a separate application in the Application Portal for each and will be asked to prioritize them after submitting.

See what rules apply if you have a legal right of admission to a master programme at CBS.
Remember to check documentation for graduate admission - here you can also see if you need any of your official documents translated.
Motivational essay
Remember to check if a motivational essay is required for the programme you are applying for.

Programmes with a motivational essay:
MA in International Business Communication
Cand.soc. i Human Resource Management
Cand.soc. i Politisk Kommunikation og Ledelse
MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems
MSc in Business, Language and Culture - Business and Development Studies
MSc in Business, Langauge and Culture - Diversity and Change Management
MSc in Business Administration and Innovation in Health Care
MSc in Advanced Economics and Finance
MSc in Business Administration and Ebusiness
MSc in Social Sciences in Public Management and Social Development
MSc in International Business and Politics
MSc in Social Sciences in Management of Creative Business Processes
MSc in Social Science - Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MSc in Social Science in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship
MSc in Social Sciences in Service Management
MSc in Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship

If the programme you are applying for is not on the list above, a motivational essay will not be taken into consideration.

If you are applying for one of the programmes mentioned above, you ought to look into what should be included in the essay by following the link. If you are asked to upload a motivational essay, the essay will be used in the selection process and you cannot continue with the application until you have uploaded it to your application.
NB: We never consider the motivational essay in connection to the specific entry requirements.

Do you have a legal right of admission to a master's programme which requires a motivational essay?

As the following programme has selection you MUST write a motivational essay, even though you have a legal claim:

  • MSc in Business, Language and Culture

If you have a legal claim for one of the following programmes, you do not have to write a motivational essay, but just upload a blank word document:

  • Cand.merc.(kom.)
  • MSc in International Business and Politics
  • MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems
  • MA in International Business Communication

Check to see if you have a legal claim


Previous studies at Master's level

Do you already have a master's degree?

Rollback of the second degree rule
The Danish government has decided to roll back the ‘second degree rule’ as a part of the new budget agreement. We do not yet know the details of the agreement, but we expect that the new rules will come into effect for the summer admission round for 2020.

We expect that if you have already passed a two-year Master’s degree, you will only be considered for admission to a new Master’s programme, if there are available places. We expect that it will be possible to apply for dispensation, if there are  exceptional circumstances.

We will update this page as soon as the agreement has been passed as concrete law.

You can read the current rules below:

Rules and regulations regarding a second degree
If you’ve already completed a Danish graduate degree, you cannot be accepted to a new graduate degree.
You can, under certain circumstances, be exempt from this rule if one of the following conditions is fulfilled:
  • We assess that you cannot use your previously passed master’s degree in the labour market due to health issues.
  • Your master’s degree was completed at least 6 years before the study start of your Master’s degree you are applying to.
  • Your master’s degree has significantly changed or no longer exists*.
  • You apply for admission to a master’s degree that is a natural extension from a bachelor degree at CBS, which you were admitted to by 1 February 2017.
* It is not enough that the degree is longer offered. You can only be exempt in case the degree is no longer relevant to the current job market
You can read more about the rules and regulations governing admission to Graduate Admissions in Kandidatadgangsbekendtgørelsen §11 (in Danish only).You can find the regulation by searching for "Kandidatadgangsbekendtgørelsen" in the search field "Titel" on:
If you wish to apply for an exemption, you must upload an application in the Application Portal together with your application for admission. Remember to include as documentation:
•    Your exam certificate as documentation for the completed master’s degree
Any additional documentation required, depends on the grounds on which you are applying for exemption. For example:
•    Doctor’s note, documenting loss of ability to work
•    Documentation of the significant changes in, or closing down, of your degree
Education exempt from the restrictions of a second degree
The Danish Agency for Science and Education maintains an ongoing list of the degrees that are exempt from the restrictions of undertaking second degrees.
•    Cand.merc.aud. and cand.merc.(mat.) are exempt from the Rules and Regulations of a second degree in 2019 and 2020
Previously passed courses at graduate level

If you have passed any courses at master’s level, but you have not yet finished a master's degree, prior to starting a graduate programme at CBS, you must indicate this in the application form. If you are accepted to a master's programme at CBS, any courses at master’s level you have passed before study start will be assessed and may be credit transferred into your programme.

The assessment takes place after you have been offered and accepted a study place at CBS, and it is made by the study board of the respective graduate programme.

Are you currently enrolled at another graduate programme?

You can only be enrolled in one full-time programme at a time in Denmark or abroad. If you are accepted to CBS and accept the study place offer, you must withdraw from any other full-time programme before 1 September, otherwise you will face legal consequences.


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