CBS offers a number of minors at both undergraduate and graduate level. Read more about minors here.


A minor is a complete package of single courses or electives within a specific academic area. A minor typically consists of 3 courses. In the description of each minor, you can see which courses it consists of. You can find all minors on the list of single courses and electives

Why take a minor?

Taking a minor gives you a specialisation in the minor's academic area. You achieve this specialisation because the minor consists of a number of interconnected courses in the same academic area. By taking a minor you can strengthen your competences within a specific area of your interests, and you can use it to qualify for specific jobs or branches. 

If there is no minor in the area(s) you would like to specialise in, or if do not get a place in the minor of your choice, you can specialise by taking single courses in the relevant academic area.

Minor diploma

When you have passed all couses in a minor, you can get a separate diploma stating that you now have a minor in the given academic area. You can use the diploma as a supplement to your bachelor or master's diploma.

If you want a diploma for the minor you have completed, you need to order it. 

Send an email with information about which minor you have passed to:

Requirements for minors

All courses included in the minor are offered in the autumn semester. To obtain a minor, you must be:

  • registered for all the courses included in the minor in the same autumn semester
  • pass the exam in all course included in the minor

If you do not pass every course included in the minor, the courses you do take will count as regular single courses or electives.

How to register for a MINOR

You register for a minor the same way as you register for single courses or electives. Instead of registrering for a single course, you just need to register for the minor by using the course code for the minor. You will find the minor course code on the list of minors. 

If you get a place on the minor, you will automatically be registered for all the courses the minor consists of.  

You can read more about how to register on Registration and deadlines

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