A minor is a complete package of single courses in a specific academic area. In the description for each minor, you can see which single courses it consists of. A minor typically consists of 3 courses.

You can find all the minors on list of electives offered in the autumn semester under Single Courses.

Why take a minor?

Taking a minor gives you a specialisation in the minor's academic area. You achieve this specialisation because the minor consists of a number of connected courses in the same academic area.

If there is no minor in the area(s) you would like to specialise in, or if don't get a place in the minor of your choice, you can specialise by taking single courses in the relevant academic area.


All single courses included in the minor are offered in the autumn semester. To obtain a minor, you must be registered all the courses included in the minor, in the same semester. Further you must pass all the courses included in the minor, to obtain a minor.

Exception: For minors offered by MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law and MSc. in International Business Communication you can be registered for courses included in the minor in different semesters, and still obtain a minor.



You can read more about how to register for single courses under Vacant Place System - enrollment information.

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