Single, elective and supplementary courses

CBS has a broad range of electives for our full-time students. Some of these courses may also be taken by, if you are not a student.

Find the group that best matches your situation

The courses you can choose and the way you register for them depend on what you plan to use the course for.

Find the group that best matches your situation to get more information on available courses and admission.

Electives for CBS students
If you study at CBS and need to choose your elective courses for your programme.

Credit students from other danish universities or educational institutions
If you are a student at another danish university or educational institution and you are interested in taking one or more courses at CBS as a part of your programme.

Single courses
If you are interested in studying one or more courses at CBS out of interest, to acquire specific competencies, or to improve your chances in the selection process for a CBS graduate programme (extra courses).

Supplementary courses for admission to master programmes
If you wish to take supplementary courses to fulfil the specific entry requirements for a graduate programme.
NB: there are significant changes in relation to supplementary courses for admission to CBS graduate programmes starting with the admission year 2017.


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