For landlords/ladies

Find out here how renting to an international CBS student is both an easy and secure way to find a tenant.

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Why we need your help

During the months August to December we welcome more than 700 incoming students from all over the world. The students are business students from renowned universities worldwide. However, we dot not have enough dorm rooms available for all of these students. This is where you can help us.

How does the application procedure work?

As a landlord/lady you just need to fill out the landlord application form which we will send to you by email. If your are interested you can contact us at +45 3815 3054 or

We then analyze which of the students best match your preferences and we send your application to the candidate. The student then must respond within the next 72 hours informing you if he/she is interested or not in your room. If the student does not contact you, please let us know right away, so we can find another suitable student for you.

Relevant documents

Practical information about private housing

Read more about what it requires to be a landlord/lady to a CBS student, and what we expect from the students:

Rental agreement

Please find the rental agreements her:

Danish: Lejekontrakt 
Please be aware that only the Danish rental agreement is legally binding.

English: Residential Tenancy Agreement
This is only for the student´s information.

Sublease agreement

Please find the Sublease Agreement here.

Proof of residence

Please remember that students must be able to register their CPR numbers to your address. You must complete and hand out this document to the student. This is a supplement to your contract.

What to expect

Students speak English
The incoming students have passed an IBT TOEFL test, which assures that they have a very high level of English, so you should not have problems communicating with them in English.

Meeting other cultures / opportunity to practicing a language
Living with a person from another culture is an opportunity for you as a Danish landlord to strengthen your intercultural communication, and see things from other people´s perspectives. As a landlord/lady you can see this arrangement as an opportunity to practice a language. Also, as a Danish landlord you offer our exchange students the opportunity to experience Danish culture from the inside.

Not a home stay
The student renting a room with you is expected to get by on his or her own. This means that you are not expected to cook meals for them or clean for them. Moreover, the level of social interaction between both of you is totally up to you.

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