Supplementary courses

How can I find out which courses cover the admission areas that I need to fulfil?
You can see the offered courses here.The right column indicates which specific entry requirement for graduate admission the course covers.

NB! It is your responsibility to make sure that the course you choose is going to cover the specific entry requirement you need to fulfil for graduate admission.

Where can I find information about course enrolment?
Supplementary courses are a type of single courses, and therefore are offered under the Single Place System. You will find information on enrolment, exams, etc. on the Single courses page.

The special application form for supplementary courses will be available on the Single Courses page (Vacant Place System) when the application round starts. Please remember to use the right application form (Application form vacant place system).

Can I take supplementary courses for free?
No, supplementary courses are no longer free. Please be aware that:

  • You can use a maximum of 30 ECTS-points worth of supplementary courses in total
  • You have to pay for your courses yourself.
  • To see IF and WHEN you may take supplementary course, please see Graduate Admission

NB: Supplementary courses must be documented by the application deadline for the graduate programme and passed before study start.