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Market Regulation

Research Group: Market Regulation

Market Regulation concerns the idea that markets left to own devices do not achieve results and that governmental intervention is needed to get desired societal outcomes. The group concentrates on the typical market regulation legal disciplines (listed below) and analyses them in a business and societal context. The group's main research method is legal dogmatic method, law & economics and EU and comparative legal method but the group draws on other disciplines. The majority of disciplines are new legal disciplines that are particularly relevant in a Scandinavian business and societal context (public procurement represents up to 20% of GDP), competition law is potential solution to the problem of platform dominance, climate law is a direct regulatory answer to the problem of climate change, state aid law answer to the challenges of whether to support companies in crisis, law & economics introduces economics to institutional analysis of law, EU law gives the analysis of how EU impacts markets in member states. Market regulation concerns a number of legal areas all under the influence of economic actors, governments, organisations, and regulation of the behaviour of all these actors.

Research topics:

  • EU law
  • Market law
  • Public procurement law
  • Competition law
  • State aid law
  • Labour law
  • Climate law
  • Public-Private law
  • Law & Economics
  • International economic law
  • Regulation of sustainable markets and E-commerce markets


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