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Room: POR/18.B-3.148
E-mail: abe.bhl@cbs.dk
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Andrea Beye; Cristiana Parisi / Emerging Accounting Practices in Platform Organsations : An Exploration of a DLT-based Platform for Circular Economy in the Transformation of Waste into Resources.
Paper presented at 14th Workshop on Management Accounting as Social and Organizational Practice. MASOP 2022, 2022
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Andrea Beye; Cristiana Parisi; Juliana Hsuan / The Role of Industry 4.0 Cusiness Models in the Design of Circular Supply Chains
Paper presented at The 29th EurOMA International Annual Conference 2022, 2022
Justyna Bekier; Andrea Beye; Cristiana Parisi / Emergence and Stabilization of Performance Accounts for the Circular Economy : The Role of Representations.
Abstract from Nordic Science and Technology Studies Conference 2021, 2021
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Cristiana Parisi; Andrea Beye; Justyna Bekier / The Reflow Framework
: REFLOW Project 2021, 107 p. (Deliverables from the REFLOW Project, No. D1.3, Vol. WP1: Business Design and Co-Creation)
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Cristiana Parisi; Andrea Beye; Justyna Bekier; Anestis Keremis / Cities’ Circular Action Plans
: REFLOW Project 2020, 145 p. (Deliverables from the REFLOW Project, No. D1.2, Vol. WP1: Business and Design Co-Creation)
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