The Hidden Costs of Global Supply Chains: A Global Investigation




Truck filled with oak logs in Russia Far East

Truck filled with oak logs in Russia Far East,
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MSC Professors Stefano Ponte and Hans Krause Hansen participate in a large-scale exciting and innovative project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of  Canada.


The project aims to go beyond the traditionally investigated economic benefits of global supply chains, and explore the rather less well understood - but growing - environmental and social costs. 

The goal is to contribute new knowledge about the winners and losers within the global political economy, and highlight critical pathways for policy intervention.


Collaboration Project

The project is based on a global, collaborative partnership between journalists and governance scholars, and holds potential for unique knowledge translation and mobilization. Hidden Costs has signed partnership agreements with The New York Times, PBS FRONTLINE, Toronto Star, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, NBC News, and Smithsonian Channel. These partners will provide additional funding and support for reporting projects, and will distribute the content, which will include documentaries, newspaper series and digital projects. The project will culminate in a travelling exhibit staged in two shipping containers – built in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada – which will travel around North America to key hubs of global commerce.

MSC contribution

Stefano Ponte and Hans Krause Hansen will contribute to the project with their expertise in governance and global value chains and will, together with the other research partners in the project, conduct a series of supply chain roundtables designed to highlight and explore critical governance themes of relevance to the project.

The project runs for seven years, 2018 – 2025, and is based at the Global Reporting Centre, the University of British Columbia in Canada. Read more about the project on the website of the Global Reporting Centre. For more information about the MSC contribution to the project, please contact Stefano Ponte,


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