How to apply for student residences

There is no first come, first served in the allocation process. Student residences are allocated automatically and it is not possible to apply in advance for any reason. If you are an international full-degree student you cannot apply for student residences.

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Important dates for application period 

  • May 14, 2024: Housing applications open for the autumn semester 2024 - exchange and freemover students

Application link is sent to you by email

  • You will receive an email with the application link
  • You will be informed about the last date of application in the email

The allocation process happens automatically, so there's no advantage in applying on the first day. 

How to fill out the application

To make a valid application it is important that you go through the following steps:

  1. If you are an undergraduate you must make a list of ALL five dorms in order of preference (do not skip any).

    These are the dorms: Kathrine Kollegiet, Kongens Tværvej, Porcelænshaven, Svanevej and Tietgen Kollegiet ​​​​​(Not available for CBS Summer 2024 due to renovation).

    If you are a graduate you must make a list of ALL six dorms in order of preference (do not skip any).

    These are the dorms: Kathrine Kollegiet, Kongens Tværvej, Porcelænshaven, SvanevejTietgen Kollegiet (Not available for CBS Summer 2024 due to renovation) and Nimbus Park (is a graduate dorm only).
  2. You must not choose the same dorm more than once.
  3. You must choose a single or shared room.
  4. You must must choose a small, medium or large room. 

No documentation required
No documentation is required to apply for housing.

Room type apply to all dorms on your list
The room type will apply to all dorms on your list. It is not possible to choose a particular room or multiple rooms or different types of rooms at different dorms.

Practical information when you apply

If you wish to share room with a specific person 

  • If you wish you wish to share a room with a specific person, both of you must write to within the specified deadline. You must also give your dorm preferences.
  • Only Kathrine Kollegiet and Svanevej have shared rooms.

If you have a disability 

  • If you have a specific, medically confirmed disability which has special requirements regarding room allocation, please send an email to together with your medical certificate.

    We will do what we can to help if it is within our power.

Nimbuspark for graduate students only

If you get a room

  1. The CBS Housing Team will send you a Room Reservation with your dorm room allocation.
  2. You must respond to this allocation by returning your signed Room Reservation within 48 hours.

It is not possible to change your room or residence after you have accepted a room and paid for it.

Practical information if you get selected

  • Neither CBS nor the dorm owners can insure you against loss, theft, injury or damage. You must therefore make sure you are adequately insured before you leave home.
Payments, refunds etc.
  • CBS does not own any dorms and does not receive any payments.
  • The CBS Housing Team can neither confirm payments nor refund deposits.
  • The CBS Housing Team is not responsible for dorm maintenance, keys, damages, faults or repairs. Information about who to contact in these cases is included in the Welcome Package, which you will receive upon arrival.
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