Digital Marketing Research Cluster (DMRC)


Digitalization is transforming marketing along several dimensions.

The Digital Marketing Cluster brings together researchers who analyze different aspects of digital marketing.

The vision of the Digital Marketing Research Cluster is to establish the Department of Marketing as a leading research cluster in Digital Marketing in Scandinavia and to establish its awareness internationally. We aim to focus on questions that are relevant from managerial, academic, and societal perspectives.

The focus is less on single industries; instead, the cluster brings together researchers who look into how digitalization is changing:

Consumer behavior, e.g., purchase behavior in multichannel environments, reactions to digital marketing along the purchase funnel (emotional, cognitive and behavioral), search behavior, brand perceptions, complaining behavior;

Organizational aspects, e.g., internal processes like the marketing mix in a multichannel setting, marketing communication, innovation management, and also external aspects, i.e., relationships between organizations;

Societal aspects, e.g., privacy and its influence on how companies and consumers use the online channel;

Higher education, e.g., blended and online learning.

Affiliated researchers conduct both conceptual and empirical projects. Consequently, the range of methods applied is wide, comprising case studies, qualitative methods, (field) experiments, as well as marketing modeling.

Edlira Antonia

Associate Professor Edlira Shehu            Associate Professor Antonia Erz         

If you are interested in collaborating with the cluster and its members, please contact Associate Professors Edlira Shehu,, or Antonia Erz,     

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