Department of Marketing

Research Award Policy

To stimulate high-quality journal publications, the Department rewards publications at AJG 3/4/4* level and FT 50 level with research support. If a publication features more than one author from the Department, the money will be distributed equally among these authors. The money will be deposited in the authors’ research accounts and may be used over a three-year period (after which any unused money will go back to the Department). If for any reason a situation should arise that the Department has not enough money to give out, the amount of money will be reduced (with the same percentage across the journal categories).The money awarded is as follows:

  • AJG 4* journal publication: DKK 30,000.
  • AJG 4 journal publication: DKK 20,000.
  • AJG 3 journal publication: DKK 10,000.
  • FT 50 journal publication: DKK 30,000.

Given the Department’s financial situation, a faculty member may receive a maximum of DKK 60,000 per year. A publication that appears on the AJG 3/4/4* list and the FT 50 will be rewarded twice, as both lists are important for the Department and Copenhagen Business School.


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