Externally Funded Projects

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AcronymTitleTypeStatusStartsort ascending
Societal Implications of Innovation in Digital and New TechnologiesPublic (National)Running01-06-2023
Consumer stereotyping of immigrant salespeople in retail sales encountersPrivate (National)Running01-03-2023
Cirkulær beton - Udvikling af teknologi til 100% reel genanvendelse af nedrivningsbeton i ny cement og betonPublic (National)Running01-01-2023
Effect of Multinational Firms’ Exit Strategies Following Economic SanctionsPrivate (National)Running01-01-2023
What is coolness and how can we create it? Understanding coolness and its important implications for business and societyPrivate (National)Running01-07-2022
WE-COLLABCollaborative and transparent use of Learning Analytics in online university courses, valuing the learner role and exploiting advanced monitoring equipmentEU Running01-11-2021
New Perspectives on Donor Lifetime ValuePublic (National)Running01-01-2021
FOODLANDFOOD and Local, Agricultural, and Nutritional DiversityEU Running01-09-2020
DEEDDesignerly Ways of Teaching for Entrepreneurship in higher educationPublic (National)Running01-01-2019
NotaBENeNordic-Baltic-NW Russia CooperationPublic (International)Running20-10-2010
Inaugural Research CampPrivate (National)Finished08-09-2022
1st Northern European Consumer Behavior Research SymposiumPrivate (National)Finished07-04-2022
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professorships - Nick LeePrivate (National)Finished01-01-2022
Visiting professorship - Cristiane PizzuttiPrivate (National)Finished01-09-2021
Visiting professorship - Rajashr SrimivasanPrivate (National)Finished01-09-2021
Kan mindfulness påvirke uhensigtsmæssigt forbrug? Et eksplorativt studie i ubevidste beslutningsprocesser.Private (National)Finished01-06-2021
Let’s Not Waste FoodPublic (International)Finished01-03-2021
Mapping the Beaten Track: Modelling spatiotemporal tourism consumptionPublic (International)Finished01-01-2021
The Dark Side of the Sharing EconomyPrivate (National)Finished01-01-2020
5.1 SDG in action, LDCPrivate (National)Finished01-01-2020
Destination: Digital, InfinITPublic (National)Finished01-11-2019
UMAMIUnderstanding Mindsets across Markets InternationallyPublic (National)Finished02-01-2017
SMARTDIAGNOSNext Generation Sepsis Diagnosis TechnologyEU Finished14-04-2015