Cluster members are active researchers within the field of Marketing, but in addition, they engage in Education Research as the following publications witness:

Blasco, M., Kjærgaard, A. & Thomsen, T. U. (published online). Situationally Orchestrated Pedagogy: Teacher Reflections on Positioning as Expert, Facilitator, and Caregiver. Management Learning. Forthcoming. DOI 10.1177/1350507620925627

Marder, B., Houghton, D., Erz, A., Harris, L., & Javornik, A. (2020). Smile (y)–and your students will smile with you? The effects of emoticons on impressions, evaluations, and behaviour in staff-to-student communication. Studies in Higher Education45(11), 2274-2286. DOI 10.1080/03075079.2019.1602760

Education conference papers:

Kjærgaard, A. & Thomsen, T. U. (2018). Game Changer? Situational Orchestration of Pedagogy in Higher Education. Proceedings of the 2018 Research in Management Learning and Education (RMLE) Unconference. Robina: RMLE.

Beckmann, Suzanne C., Thyra Uth Thomsen, and Sylvia von Wallpach (2015). Pedagogical principles in online teaching: Opportunities and challenges. Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy Conference, Leuven, Belgium, May 2015.

Kjærgaard, Annemette and Thyra Uth Thomsen (2015). A Pedagogical Perspective on Online Teaching. Conference Proceedings: The Business & Management Review, 6(5), 116-127.

Education book chapters:

Kjærgaard, Annemette and Thyra Uth Thomsen (2015). Fra LAT til SAT: Onlinekurser i et universitetspædagogisk perspektiv. Universitetspædagogiske praksisser. In: Peter Stray Jørgensen and Lotte Rienecker (Eds.). Samfundslitteratur: Frederiksberg, pp. 137-156.


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