Transformational capabilities and education excellence

The TCM members have constructed a new Master’s programme in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) with start in Fall 2021. Further, PhD courses that can be offered open for international PhD students at other universities are planned.

Exploration of big challenges/wicked problems

TCM members are involved as project leaders and members on several major challenges such as sustainability of tourism consumption and mobility, including overtourism, CO2 emissions from traveling and tourism, and the related challenges such as flight shame. These are explored by individual members and teams of members joining international research groups.

Interdisciplinary and collaborate projects 

The TCM members collaborate internationally. For example, several members are editors or members of the editorial board for leading journals. Center members also collaborate with students with research aspirations. Collaborations with businesses include funding applications.

Societal relevance and impact

The center works on solving several key societal challenges pertaining to the wider context of mobility and sustainability. TCM researchers address the consequences of tourism-dependent destinations, which both entails overtourism pressures in cities and the negative economic effects of curbing international travel in the future. The center is actively involved in scoping the effects of COVID19 on tourism and in suggesting solutions regarding and the lost jobs locally, nationally, and internationally.


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