Visiting Academics and Seminars


Visiting Academics 

The Department of Marketing has a vibrant programme of hosting visits from researchers of all levels. These vary from just a few days to several months. 

We invite qualified visiting professors who can stimulate our research environment, but we also encourage unsolicited applications for visits by everyone with a shared interest in research with our Faculty.

Our active research seminars aim to support cooperation and exchanges of expertise among its members.

Seminars 2018





Associate prof. Jatinder Jit Singh


How Factors such as Incidental Emotion and Emotional Commitment Influence Consumers’ Ethical Judgments/Intentions



Dr. Erik Braun
Erasmus University Rotterdam

How the Refugee Crisis Changes the Decision Structure of Tourists:  A Cross-country Scenario Study


January 17

EPSI Rating

Latest research on customer satisfaction in a Danish and Nordic perspective


January 25

Dr. Sheila Malone

Lancaster University Management School

Investigating the Link between Sustainable Tourism Development and Community Wellbeing.


February 27

Associate prof. Tobias Schaefers

Technical University Dortmund

Selling Ownership or Selling Access? Examining Salespersons’ Preferences and Capabilities


March 12

Associate prof. Edlira Shehu

University of Southern Denmark

"You saved a life": How Specifying Past Donation Use Increases Donor Reactivation via Impact and Warm Glow Seminar March 23

Assistant prof. Dennis Heerhausen

University of St. Gallen

Detecting, Preventing, and Mitigating Online Firestorms in Social Media


May 17

Assistant prof. Sebastian Tillmanns

University of Münster

Drivers and Outcomes of Customer Engagement in Online Retailing Seminar May 28

Assistant prof. Gülen Sarial Abi

Bocconi University

To Err is Human: Consumers' Responses to Brand Harm Crises Seminar June 4

Associate prof. Maria Saaksjarvi

Delft University of Technology

New Frontiers in Creativity and Innovation Research Seminar August 30

Seminars 2017





EPSI Rating

Latest research on customer satisfaction in a Danish and Nordic perspective




Prof. Steve J. Armstrong,

Hull University

Re-Thinking Management Education

Research Seminar

1 February

Prof. Steven Brown,

University of Ulster 

The Art of Branding

ICON Lecture

22 February

Prof. Lisa Penaloza,

Kedge Business School

Spirits of Capitalism: Remittance Consumption as the Means by which Mexican Transnational Families Develop a Global Market Ethic

Research Seminar

15 March

Prof. Stefano Puntoni,

Erasmus University

Automation and Identity

Research Seminar

23 March

Prof. Andreas Eggert, 

Paderborn University

The Loyalty Effect on Gift Purchases

Research Seminar

31 March

Prof. Geroge Christodoulides, 

Birkbeck University of London

Consumer-Brand Forgiveness

Research Seminar

10 May

Prof. Gerrit van Bruggen, 

Erasmus University

Marketing and the Connected Customer

Research Seminar

17 May

Prof. Ajay Kohli,

Georgia Institute of Technology

Theory Construction Workshop

Research Workshop

29 May 

Prof. Michael Beverland
RMIT University

The Future is Analog: What Does the Revival of Legacy Technology Mean for Innovation

Research Seminar

19 June

Dr. Ingo Karpen
RMIT University

Killing the Big Beast that is the Traditional Thesis


27 June

Associate prof. Jaewoo Joo
Kookmin University

Functionality Seeking? When Functionality Increases New Product Adoption and When It Does Not 


24 October


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