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Transformative Projects

Transformative Projects

The Department of Marketing at CBS is leading the way letting students apply and develop their knowledge to solving real companies’ problems in a co-creative learning environment. We call this Value Co-Creating pedagogy.

Value co-creating pedagogy brings businesses and non-profits together with students in the learning space: Students are tasked with the responsibility for solving real problems (strategic and tactical) of businesses, which benefit directly and through an enabling of their own learning processes. Thus, the value for students and businesses is co-created.

This initiative aims at creating a platform for development, knowledge sharing, and implementation of value co-creating pedagogies at CBS. Value co-creating pedagogy is where “teachers let their students learn by applying their competencies (future or existing) to create something of value to at least one external stakeholder outside their own group, class or school.” (Lackéus, Lundqvist & Middleton, 2016). Through this initiative we bring together multiple internal and external stakeholders in pedagogy and business: academic stakeholders who will provide the conceptual foundation for our work and practitioners and business organisations in the thriving Øresund business ecosystem.

The initiative is based on three core elements:

Gathering: an audit of current practice at CBS at the individual, group and departmental level.

Developing: Building pedagogical principles and principles for best practice on a common platform. Here, the conceptual basis for value co-creating pedagogy at CBS will be developed in association with key academic stakeholders both inside and outside CBS.

Sharing and Training: Creating a site for sharing experiences, contacts, and educational material. Developing pedagogical workshops that empower teachers to work with this format in collaboration with Teaching and Learning.

The initiative will significantly strengthen CBS’ commitment to create transformative, deep learning through a combination of simultaneous learning and application, knowledge transfer and generation, and capability development. Value co-creating pedagogy creates a learning space that emphasizes both individual and social components of learning (Lackeus et al., 2016) where students can better connect knowledge, experience, and action.


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