Department of Marketing



Faculty Recruitment and Promotion

Sille Jøhnk Abildgaard hired as PhD student
Anna–Bertha Heeris Christensen hired as PhD student
Dr. Ad de Jong hired as professor
Dr. Alexander Josiassen promoted to professor
Dr. Florian Kock hired as assistant professor
Dr. Stefan Markovic promoted to associate professor
Dr. Tobias Schäfers hired as associate professor
Dr. Edlira Shehu hired as associate professor
Dr. Boris Uzelac hired as assistant professor
Dr. Michel van der Borgh hired as associate professor
Serena Wider hired as PhD student

Selected Research Output

• Albrecht, A.K., Schaefers, T., Walsh, G., and Beatty, S.E. (2019), “The effect of compensation size on recovery satisfaction after group service failures: the role of group versus individual service recovery,” Journal of Service Research, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 60–74.

• Ball, L.J. and Christensen, B. (2018), “Designing in the wild,” Design Studies, Vol. 57, 1–8.

• Ball, L.J., Threadgold, E., Marsh, J.E., and Christensen, B.T. (2018), “The effects of stimulus complexity and conceptual fluency on aesthetic judgments of abstract art: evidence for a default–interventionist account,” Metaphor and Symbol, Vol. 3, No. 3, 235–252.

• Borland, H., Lindgreen, A., Maon, F., Vanhamme, J., Ambrosini, V., and Palacios Florencio, B. (Eds.) (2018), Business Strategies for Sustainability, Routledge, London, 423 pp.

• Christensen, B. and Abildgaard, S.J.J. (2018), “The oscillation between individual and social designing in co–located student teams,” CoDesign: International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts,

• Christensen, B. and Ball, L.J. (2018), “Fluctuating epistemic uncertainty in a design team as a metacognitive driver for creative cognitive processes,” CoDesign: International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 133–152.

• Dove, G., Abildgaard, S.J.J., Biskjær, M.M., Hansen, N.B., Christensen, B., and Halskov, K. (2018), “Grouping notes through nodes: the functions of post–it notes in design team cognition,” Design Studies, Vol. 57, pp. 112–134.

• Erz, A. and Heeris Christensen, A.–B. (2018), “Transforming consumers into brands: tracing transformation processes of the practice of blogging,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, Vol. 43 (August), pp. 69–82.

• Erz, A., Marder, B., and Osadchaya, E. (2018), “Hashtags: motivational drivers, their use, and differences between influencers and followers,” Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 89 (December), pp. 48–60.

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• Hansen, T., Sørensen, M.I., and Eriksen, M.–L.R. (2018), “How the interplay between consumer motivations and values influences organic food identity and behavior,” Food Policy, Vol. 74, pp. 39–52.

• Hansen, T. and Thomsen, T.U. (2018), “The influence of consumers’ interest in healthy eating, definitions of healthy eating, and personal values on perceived dietary quality,” Food Policy, Vol. 80, pp. 55–67.

• Iglesias, O., Markovic, S., and Rialp, J. (2018), “How does sensory brand experience influence brand equity? Considering the roles of customer satisfaction, customer affective commitment, and employee empathy,” Journal of Business Research.

• Iglesias, O., Markovic, S., Bagherzadeh, M., and Singh, J.J. (2018), “Co–creation: a key link between corporate social responsibility, customer trust, and customer loyalty,” Journal of Business Ethics.–018–4015–y.

• Kock, F., Josiassen, A., and Assaf, A.G. (2018), “On the origin of tourist behavior,” Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 73, pp. 180–183.

• Kock, F., Josiassen, A., and Assaf, A.G. (2018), “Scale development in tourism research: advocating for a new paradigm,” Journal of Travel Research,

• Kock, F., Josiassen, A., Karpen, O., and Farelly, F. (2018), “Tourism ethnocentrism and its effects on tourist and resident behavior,” Journal of Travel Research,

• Kreuzer, M., Mühlbacher, H., and von Wallpach, S. (2018), “Home in the re–making: Immigrants’ transcultural experiencing of home,” Journal of Business Research, Vol. 91 (October), pp. 334–341.

• LaPlaca, P., Lindgreen, A., and Vanhamme, J. (2018), “How to write really good articles for premier academic journals,” Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 68, pp. 202–209.

• LaPlaca, P., Lindgreen, A., Vanhamme, J., and Di Benedetto, C.A. (2018), “How to revise, and revise really well, for premier academic journals,” Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 72, pp. 174–180.

• Lindgreen, A., Maon, F., Palacios Florencio, B., Vanhamme, J., Vallaster, C., and Strong, C. (Eds.) (2018), Engaging With Stakeholders: A Relational Perspective on Responsible Business, Routledge, London, 370 pp.

• Lindgreen, A., Maon, F., Vallaster, C., Yousafzai, S., and Palacios Florencio, B. (Eds.) (2018), Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Discovering, Creating, and Seizing Opportunities for Blended Value Generation, Routledge, London, 354 pp.

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• Wieland, A., Kock, F., and A. Josiassen (2018), “State–of–the–art review and evaluation of scale purification in hospitality,” International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 30, No. 11, pp. 3346–3362.

• Yousafzai, S., Fayolle, A., Lindgreen, A., Saeed, S., and Sheikh, S. (Eds.) (2018), Women Entrepreneurs and the Myth of ‘Underperformance’: A New Look on Women's Entrepreneurship Research, Edwards Elgar, London, 256 pp.

• Yousafzai, S., Lindgreen, A., Saeed, S., Henry, C., and Fayolle, A. (Eds.) (2018), Contextual Embeddedness of Women’s Entrepreneurship: Going beyond a Gender–Neutral Approach, Routledge, London, 288 pp.

Selected Educational Activities

Bo Christensen

• External examiner and opponent for a doctoral dissertation defense at Kolding School of Design, Denmark.
• Member of the Business Administration and Psychology (BA and CM) study board.

Jesper Clement

• Planning and developing the course Circular Economic Thinking in Competitive Businesses, the first elective on CBS at master level on circular economy.
• Director of the Minor in Behavioral Neuroscience and Economy.
• Chair of two PhD committees.

Ad de Jong

• Hosting a delegation (18 people) of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), a delegation that included P. Duijsenberg, President of VSNU (former MP of the Dutch Parliament) and B. van den Berg, Director of the VSNU. 
• Taught on the Multilevel Analysis PhD Course, University of Maastricht.

J. Geersbro

• Program coordinator of the Executive Diploma in Marketing Management (HDMM).
• Member of the HD study board.
• Member of the HDMM national development work group.
• Head of the assessment committee for a PhD defense.

Richard Gyrd-Jones

• External examiner and opponent for a doctoral dissertation defense at Oulu University School of Business, Oulu, Finland.
• Member of the International Marketing og Kommunikation study board.
• Member of task force (Bachelor of Business Market and Cultural Analysis; HA MAK).

Torben Hansen

• Program director og the MSc in Economics and Marketing (EMF).
• Cluster coordinator of the three MSc marketing concentrations.

A. Josiassen

• External examiner for PhD in marketing at RMIT University, Australia.
• Served on the external committee for the position of reader at Cardiff Business School.
• External examiner for a Doctor of Business thesis at Southern Cross University, Australia.

Adam Lindgreen
• External examiner for the BSc (honors) in Marketing at the University of Mauritius.

T. Ringberg

• Taught a PhD course (with Professor Markus Reihlen) on qualitative research methods. The course is designated as one of five courses offered by the EM PhD School.

Tobias Schäfers

• External examiner and opponent for a doctoral dissertation defense at Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland.
• External examiner for a doctoral dissertation defense at the Technical University Dortmund, Germany.

Thyra Uth Thomsen

• Academic director of the Assistant Professors’ Program (CBS).
• Deputy Head (with a focus on teaching).
• Education committee chair.
• Member of CBS’s pilot group applying HEA–senior fellowship teaching accreditation.

Ricky Wilke

• Member of the BA (HA Almen) study board.
• Course coordinator for the BA (HA Almen).

Sebastian Zenker

• Opponent of PhD defense at Oulu Business School, Finland.

External Funding

Bo Christensen

• Principal investigator, Independent Research Fund Denmark, Research Project II: Designerly Ways of Teaching for Entrepreneurship in Higher Education. DKK 5.5 million. Involves two full PhD scholarships.

Jesper Clement

• CBS seed money for developing a BiS platform in Circular Economy

Alexander Josiassen

• UMAMI Funding from Innovationsfonden. DKK 6.3 million.

Academic Citizenship & Administration and Management

Bo Christensen

• Academic director of CBS Studios

Ad de Jong

• Presenting on frontline marketing and the challenges ahead at the DVIP workshop at Joe & The Juice.

Henrik Johannsen Duus

• Member of the board of CBS Wire.
• Member of the Research Data Management Committee at CBS.

Richard Gyrd–Jones

• Co–Chair of the Brand Meaning Research Cluster.

Alexander Josiassen

• Director of the Center for Tourism and Culture Management

Florian Kock

• Center Manager, Tourism and Culture Management.

Tore Kristensen

• Member of the CEMS Faculty Group for Marketing.
• Member of the Social Science Research Board of Lithuania.
• Member of the PhD board at the International University of Business in Vilnius.

Stefan Markovic

• Chair of the Marketing Ethics Research Cluster.

Torsten Ringberg

• Chair of the Business Panel at the Academy of Finland Research Council for Culture and Society.
• Member of CBS Academic Council.
• Member of Danish Competition Council. Appointed by Henrik Saas Larsen, Erhvervs– og Vækstminister .
• Member of Forbrugerpolitisk Panel. Appointed by the Minister of Trade (Erhvervsministeren) Rasmus Jarlov.
• Member of the CBS PhD Board committee established to revise the current PhD School model.
• Substitute member in the CBS Practice Committee.
• Substitute member in the CBS Board of Directors.
• Participated in Forskningens Døgn.

Thyra Uth Thomsen

• Member of the search committee for Professorship/Endowed Chair in Blended Learning, Copenhagen Business School.
• Member of the implementation committee for the new Learning Management System (Canvas), Copenhagen Business School.

Michel van der Borgh

• Academic program coordinator of MSc Customer and Commercial Development (CCD).

Selected Examples of Dissemination and Esteem & Engagement and Internationalization

Jesper Clement

• Efter seks uger med levering af fastfood: “Det er stukket helt af”; 25/11/2018 / Børsen Søndag.
• Nu kan du trække dit kød i en automat; 27/10/2018 // Børsen Lørdag.
• Cirkulær økonomi kan være vejen til et bæredygtigt forbrug; 13/10/2018 / Jyllandsposten.
• Cirkulær økonomi: Vejen til et bæredygtigt forbrug? 11/10/2018 /
• Emballagen kan påvirke dit køb; 14/09/2018 / Midtjyllands Avis.
• Indpakningen kan påvirke dit køb; 01/09/2018 / Nordjyske Stiftstidende.
• Fødevarernes emballage skal få os til at købe: Kender du disse tricks? 31/08/2018 /
• Fødevareemballage kan påvirke dit køb; 22/08/2018 / Ritzaus Bureau.
• Emballage forførelse eller manipulation? 16/08/2018 / Mad og Bolig.
• Det sker der i din hjerne når du ser et tilbud: 01/04/2018 /

Ad de Jong

• Councilor of The Research Roundtables at the ISBM PhD Camp, August 8, MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston, MA.
• Workshop Discussion Leader ‘Frontline Marketing in B–to–B’ to the 7th Aston Marketing Research Camp (26 June 2018), Aston University, Birmingham.
• Breakout Leader/Facilitator of final session ´Setting the Future Research Agenda in Sales’  New Horizons Sales Pre–Consortium, Northeastern University, 10 Aug, Boston. MA.
• Research Visit, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.
• On the editorial review board of Journal of Service Research, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.
• Membership Evaluation Committee (full professor application), Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK.
• Membership Evaluation Committee (associate professor application), Aalto University School of Business, Aalto University, Finland.
• Membership Evaluation Committee (full professor application), Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business, University of Jordan, Jordan.
• Membership Evaluation Committee (associate professor application), College of Engineering, University of Business and Technology (UBT), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• Membership Evaluation Committee (full professor application), Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Lars Grønholdt

• Best paper award, 21th International Conference on Quality and Service Sciences (ICQSS), Cardiff University, Wales, 22–24 August 2018.
• Academic Partner in the pan–European Extended Performance Satisfaction Index (EPSI) Research Network and in The International Foundation for Customer Focus (IFCF).
• Speaker at a conference co-organized with EPSI Rating Danmark: “People matters”.
• Member of the editorial advisory board of International Quality and Service Sciences (published by Emerald).
• Member of the international editorial board of Total Quality Management & Business Excellence
• Reviewer for various journals and conferences.

Richard Gyrd–Jones

• Mikro–influenter er de nye reklamesøjler, TV Avisen DR1, 6 May.
• Blue jeans på en grøn måde, DTU News, 5 December.

Torben Hansen

• Best presentation award, 20th International Conference on Economics, Business, and Marketing Management, Paris.
• Overholder du færdselsloven i supermarkedet? Samvirke, 28 December.
• 8 ting, der irriterer os i supermarkedet, Samvirke, 19 December.
• Modstanden mod Danske Bank har aldrig været større, Ritzaus Bureau, 10 December.
• De små banker snupper kunder fra de største, Ritzaus Bureau, 10 November.
• Hak i tuden: 45 pct. siger, de vil forlade Danske Bank, BT, 10 November.
• Danske Bank under pres: Kunderne vil væk:, 9 November.
• Bankkunder er ligeglade med etik, Politiken, 24 September.
• Danskerne mister millioner på glemte gavekort, Tænk, 6 August.
• Hansen, T., Andersen, N.A., and Nielsen, C. (2018), Consumers’ Preference for Ethical Attributes and Choice of Brand: The Moderating Role of Quality Shopping Frequency, Nyhedsbrevet om Forbrugeradfærd, No. 30, 13–23.

Alexander Josiassen

• Member of the assessment committee for the annual Thea Sinclair Award for Journal Article Excellence, awarded by Sage Publications.
• Associate Editor for Annals of Tourism Research.
• Advisory board member of Association for North American Higher Education International.
• Visiting Professor at RMIT University, Australia.

Florian Kock

• Emerald/EFMD Oustanding Doctoral Research Award 2018.
• København kåret som verdens bedste by 24/10/2018 // Jyllands–Posten.
• Ferie med selfiestang 20/07/2018 // Weekendavisen.
• „See America First”: Wie Trumps Nationalismus den weltweiten Tourismus beeinflusst 03/04/2018 // Zeit Online.

Adam Lindgreen

• Co–editor–in–Chief of Industrial Marketing Management.
• Extraordinary Professor with the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science.
• On the editorial review board of many journals.
• Meet the Editors: Presentation of Industrial Marketing Management, IMP Conference, September 5—7, Marseille, France.
• Member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools’ Academic Journal Guide’s Scientific Committee in the field of marketing.
• Member of Dansk Marketingforsknings Pris.
• Member of the International Scientific Advisory Panel of the New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre.
• Membership Evaluation Committee (associate professor application), Department of Food Science, University of Otago, New Zealand.
• Membership Evaluation Committee (assistant and associate professor application), Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University, Denmark.
• Visiting professor with Northumbria University’s Newcastle Business School.

Stefan Markovic

• Guest editor, Industrial Marketing Management.

Torsten Ringberg

• Certificate of Excellence in Teaching.
• Participated on the Monash University assessment committee for a promotion to associate professor.
• Reviewed manuscripts for several journals.
• Topchefernes opskrift på succes: Køb dem, der disrupter din industri 06/03/2018,, Sille Wulff Mortensen.
• Kom ud af det digitale vadested 10/02/2018, djøfbladet, Jan Horsager.
• Big Data kræver, at du tænker nyt 01/02/2018, Børsen, Henrik Ørholst.
• Techselskab vil skabe nyt liv på dansk minibørs 29/01/2018, Børsen, Gro Høyer Thielst.
• Dansk it–virksomhed klar til at skabe liv på børsen “Vi vil gerne have en dynamisk aktie” 29/01/2018, Computerworld Online, Jacob, Ø. Wittorff.

Tobias Schäfers

• On the editorial review board of Industrial Marketing Management.
• Co–chair for the track “B2B Marketing” at the Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference.

Edlira Shehu

• Session chair for the track “Digital Marketing II” at the ISMS Marketing Science Conference.

Thyra Uth Thomsen

• Guest editor of a special issue in Journal of Business Research on “Unconventional luxury” with professor Russell W. Belk (Schulich School of Business, Canada), professor Andrea Hemetsberger (University of Innsbruck, Austria), associate professor Sylvia von Wallpach (CBS), and associate professor Jonas Holmqvist (Kedge Business School, France).
• Co–founder of the cross–departmental CBS RiBL–Research–Cluster (Research in Blended Learning)

Michel van der Borgh

• Panelist Roundtable: 4th Annual Organizational Frontlines Research Symposium, February 22 & 23, 2018 ”Data Power Shift in Organizational Frontlines: Emerging Research Avenues.”
• On the editorial review board of Industrial Marketing Management.
• Associate Editor “Sales, Leadership, and Human Resources” Track, Winter AMA, February 2018, New Orleans, co–chaired with Son Lam.
• Interview with Jyllandsposten on discounting in Denmark: ‘Why are we drawn to yellow signs?’

Sylvia von Wallpach

• Associate editor with European Management Journal.
• Correspondent étranger of the Association Française du Marketing in Denmark.
• Organizer and chair of the EMAC Climber Community 2018.

Ricky Wilke

• Member of the study board BA (HA Almen).
• Course coordinator BA (HA Almen).
• Member of Jury Danish Retailers (Dansk Detailforum) – Detailforum prisen, samt Retail Entrepreneurship Prisen.
• Vice–president (external board member) Danish Shareholders (Dansk Aktionærforening).
• Member of ICC, International Club Copenhagen.
• Member of Board Leadership Society.

Sebastian Zenker

• Member of the International Editorial Board for Cities.
• Associated Editor of the Journal of Place Management and Development.
• Member of the editorial board for Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.
• Guest editor for a special issue in Cities.
• Selected as “expert” for the Community of Practice for CITIES (CoP–CITIES), from the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission.
• “Expert” for EUROCITIES.
• Practitioners‘ communication: Zenker, S. (2018), “Die Touristen, die ich rief: Kopenhagens Tourismusstrategie” Planerin: SRL–Mitteilungen für Stadt–, Regional– und Landesplaner, Vol. 6, pp. 19–20.
• In the media: Public Marketing (01/12), “Städte sind empfindliche Ökostysteme.”
• In the media: The Place Brand Observer (03/05), “Why one size fits all city brands are doomed to fail.”
• In the media: Ritzaus Bureach (17/02) “Michelinguiden uddeler nye turistmagneter.”
• In the media: Politiken (01/02) “Planetariets big bang.”

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Bo Christensen

• Principal investigator of the research project Designerly ways of Teaching for Entrepreneurship in Higher Education.
• Founding member of the Design Entrepreneurship research group at CBS.
• Course responsible and teacher in the CBS/KADK joint program for Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship.

Ad de Jong

• Founding member of the European Academic Sales Board (EURIS).
• Honorary Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales (APS).
• Member of the Academic Board of The Next Organization.
• Member of Scientific Board of BrainCompass.

Henrik Johannsen Duus

• Advisory board member of Risika.

Jens Geersbro

• Lectures on the Bio Business graduate program
• Supervisor on the BBIP program

Richard Gyrd–Jones

• Ran workshop “Unleash your brand: Capturing the potential of your brand” as part of CBS Go–Grow Accelerator Program.
• Ran Mini–Brandathon with Væksthuset København to support Start–Ups with their brand building.

Alexander Josiassen

• Development of a Data Management tool in collaboration with industry within the UMAMI project. The prototype tool is in the commercialization stage at the moment.

Torsten Ringberg

• Invited as panel member at the Danish National Disruption Council meeting to discuss challenges facing competition from disruptive platforms.
• Served as expert witness (Syn & Skøn) in a case that involved brand copyright infringement allegations.
• Presented at the Danish Engineer Association workshop.
• Presented to the CBS Roundtable, which included top managers from eleven of the largest Danish companies.
• Session Chair and Discussant, Collaboration and Digital Futures at CSSI 2018 conference at Børsen
• One of four key speakers at CBS Alumni Day.
• Presented at DJØF publishing House at ‘the book of the month’ event.
• Gave a workshop for Boehringer Ingelheim, a global research oriented pharma company, on innovation/disruption of managerial mindset.
• Gave workshop for MCI, a major international congress company, on innovation/disruption of managerial mindset.
• Taught CBS MBA, MBD, and EMBA courses with international executives on Big Data, Innovation, Disruption, Futures of Marketing, and Managerial Strategic Mindset.

Tobias Schäfers

• Participation in CBS Roundtable: Next Generation Business Models organized by CBS Business.
• Chair of the B2B Marketing Research Cluster.

Thyra Uth Thomsen

• Development of cross institutional online faculty development courses with University of Sydney Business School

Thyra Uth Thomsen and Michel van der Borgh

• Initiated platform initiative to help the retention of international students at CBS/in Denmark.

Karin Tollin

• New minor addressing the association between marketing and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on the following fields of theories and interfaces: customer experience and business model innovation; open innovation and branding; and market dynamism and marketing excellence.

Ricky Wilke

• Member of Jury Danish Retailers (Dansk Detailforum) – Retail Entrepreneurship Prisen.

Selected Departmental Activities

• Secretariat visit to Esade Business School.
• DVIP workshop at Joe & the Juice with presentations by 1) Sam Hasanpour (Joe & the Juice) on the dualism of Joe & the Juice and 2) faculty members J. Clement and A. de Jong.
• Department strategy away day at Højstrupgård discussing research and societal impact.

International Faculty Visits

• Assistant professor Mehdi Bagherzadeh, NEOMA Business School
• Professor Michael Beverland, University of Sussex
• Senior research fellow Erik Braun, Rotterdam University
• Professor Sriram Dasu, University of Southern California
• Nethal Hashim, Cass Business School
• Assistant professor Dennis Herhausen, University of St. Gallen
• Associate professor Jatinder Jit Singh, EADA
• Assistant professor Jaewoo Joo, University of Surrey
• Associate professor Selma Kadic–Maglajlic, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina
• Lecturer Marina Leban, ESCP Europe
• Asssistant professor Sheila Malone, Lancaster University
• Associate professor François Maon, IESEG School of Management
• Assistant professor Peter N.C. Mohr, Freie Universitát Berlin
• Associate professor Robin Nunkoo, University of Mauritius
• Dr. Larry Percy
• Ms Yuqian Qiu, ESADE Business School
• Professor Srinivasan K. Reddy, Singapore Management University
• Professor Holger Roschk, Alpen–Adria–Universität
• Associate professor Maria Saaksjarvi, Delft University of Technology
• Assistant professor Gülen Sarial Abi, Bocconi University
• Dr. Anna Scedrova, Cardiff University
• Associate professor Edlira Shehu, Southern University Denmark
• Dr. Laimona Sliburyte, Lithuania Kaunas University of Technology
• Assistant Lena Steinhoff, University of Paderborn
• Assistant professor Sebastian Tillmanns, University of Münster
• Professor Benjamin Voyer, ESCP Europe Business School LSE

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