New piece on: How to Translate Great Research into Great Teaching



We look at how great research is translated into great teaching. At any business school worth its salt, one of the most important goals is to foster an environment of successful academic research. This is especially true at research-intensive business schools where a core of solid, productive researchers leads to recognition and ranking among the top business schools. This scholarly recognition attracts not only undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to achieve their full potential by acquiring the necessary capabilities and skills to manage and accelerate their career in business, but also PhD students eager to establish careers in a strong research environment. We examine how business schools contribute to education by translating their great research into great teaching for graduate business-to-business marketing classes (including MBA programs with such classes). To achieve this goal, the remaining parts of the editorial are organized as follows. First, we present some of the most recent findings on teaching excellence, which pertains to business instructors, as well as to academics in general. Next, we explore the specific opportunities and responsibilities facing the business-to-business marketing academic. We then discuss the process by which business-to-business marketing academics can transform our research in meaningful ways and deliver value to our practitioner audience in the classroom.

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