PhD fellows enrolled at CBS Department of Economics

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Name Title Email
Alexandra Lüth PhD Fellow
Anne Sophie Lassen PhD Fellow
Chenyan Lyu PhD Fellow
David Pinkus PhD Fellow
Frederik Bjørn Christensen PhD Fellow
Ida Damsgaard PhD Fellow
Jeanette Walldorf

PhD Fellow
Jinhong Wu PhD Fellow

Julian Fernandez PhD Fellow
Kseniia Kurishchenko

PhD Fellow
Marcela Galvis Restrepo PhD Fellow
Mette Franck PhD Fellow
Oguzhan Cepni PhD Fellow
Raphaël Huleux PhD Fellow
Shuolin Shi PhD Fellow
Sigurdur Pall Olafsson PhD Fellow
Stefano Tripodi PhD Fellow
Tim Maurer PhD Fellow
Trondur Møller Sandoy PhD Fellow  

The aim of our PhD program is to train PhD candidates at a high international level in order to ultimately ensure that they get careers at great business schools and universities around the globe. In addition to learning how to conduct research at an international level, students should acquire a broad theoretical and methodological insight into the discipline of economics.

The duration of a PhD scholarship is usually three years upon completion of a master degree. It is therefore important that applicants can demonstrate a strong background in at least some of the relevant core disciplines within economics, econometrics, statistics and applied mathematics. A strong background is demonstrated through top-level grades obtained in previous course work, the level of the completed courses, and the performance in one’s bachelor and master thesis.
We require students to take an active part in the academic life of the department. We welcome students under the Industrial PhD Program, but we discourage students from seeking to complete a PhD as a part-time project.

The Department of Economics offers, given sufficient enrollment, core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. Furthermore intensive courses in more specific subjects are offered continuously as part of the activities of the Danish Graduate Program in Economics (DGPE).

Our PhD students have the opportunity to present their research at lunch seminars at the department and to submit their work to the annual DGPE workshop. Our PhD students are an essential part of our department and are  as such invited to participate in the annual retreat held by the department. Presentations at workshops and submitting work for conferences are an important part of research training.

Our program has been increasingly successful in placing students at leading business schools, research institutions and consultancy firms. Such recent placements include among others, Bocconi University, European University Institute, the Management School of University of Keele, German Institute for Economic Research DIW Berlin, National Bureau of Economic Research.

Please consult the announcement for questions of salary and employment. More information on admission.

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