Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

MPP carries out disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences with a focus on management, law, strategy and organisation across private and public sectors and civil society. It is thus positioned at the centre of CBS’s business-in-society mission. It is organised into different research groups: law; politics; business history: management philosophy; management and entrepreneurship. Faculty within these groups have research backgrounds in all areas of political science, sociology, philosophy, history, law, anthropology, theology, tourism and leisure management, cultural economics and other areas. What unites faculty is an overriding concern for the human within its multiple environments: work, nature, economy, civil association, the state, and the corporation.

3 new books out from MPP Faculty
3 new books mpp
New book edited by Christian Borch & Robert Wosnitzer
critical finance studies
Beyond Identity Politics: Pride Parades and Integrative Civil Religion
pride 2019
Søfartshistorier - Danmarkshistorien til søs
anders ravn bog

Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Copenhagen Business School
Porcelænshaven 18B
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Phone: +45 3815 3630
EAN: 5798009814821

Head of Department
Mitchell Dean
Phone: +45 3815 4234


Head of Secretariat
Henrik Hermansen
Phone: +45 3815 3656


MPP came into existence in 1995 as a result of a merger of three departments. Read about our research profile.


MPP is home to a number of centres and other initiatives:

Center for Business History
Center for Leisure and Culture Services
Center for Civil Society Studies
BiS Platform Diversity and Difference


MPP's premises are located at Porcelænshaven 18AB and you can find us on 1, 2, 3 and 4 floor in the building. Find MPP



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