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Copenhagen Business School is committed to research and teaching that responds to current and future societal challenges. At the Centre for Business History, we foster understanding of current business phenomena by studying their evolution in time and over time. As a cross-disciplinary group of scholars focused on the role of history in a business school, we utilize a range of approaches, methods, and sources in order to produce rich, structured, humanistic accounts of the creation of current conditions - economic, social, cultural, and political - generative of future possibilities and opportunities. The Centre for Business History will work to embed historical awareness and historical consciousness at the heart of the business humanities project in terms of both research and education. History matters to the business humanities for two fundamental reasons.

The Centre for Business History will provide an environment fostering excellence in historically-oriented business school research and education with the aim of enhancing historical awareness and consciousness across society. Collegial, collaborative, and critical, the group will sharpen individual members’ research and publications whilst providing a forum for exploring future projects, individual and group. As historically-oriented scholars in the business school we will seek to provide historical perspectives on the relationship between economy and society. Principal areas of focus will include: 

  • historical entrepreneurship studies; 
  • narratives and sense-making; 
  • history, heritage, and identity; 
  • the history of capitalism.  


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