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JURASOC – legal, social and technology studies

JURASOC: Research group on legal, social and technology studies 

The [JUH] + [RAS] + [OK] is a group of scholars who explore intersections of law, political economy and technology broadly understood. Main directions of research in the group include global value chain law, intellectual history and political theory of the corporation, information technology law, internet governance, corporate power and legitimacy, transformative capacities of corporations, law and legal design. Members of the group are united in the ambition to address challenges to business and society deriving from ongoing shifts in corporate powers and technologies. Thus, the research group will perform interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research to yield better understandings of relationships between corporate law & corporate governance and of efficacious ways of crafting legal responses to corporate, societal and technology challenges. We will use legal theory and knowledge and social theory to gain insight into how transformative law, regulatory choices and corporate agency impact business opportunities, societal welfare and green transition.  

The group will serve as forum for advancing research quality and dissemination through mutual support and exchanges leveraging intellectual development; engagement with relevant research environments and with ongoing scholarly debates and emerging policy questions relative to the intersection of economy, politics, technology and law; engagement with stakeholder environments, paper development sessions; mentoring of non-tenured staff and the collaborative pursuit of external funding.   

Focus areas:  

  • Law and Technology  
  • Law and Political Economy  
  • Governance and collective relations 
  • Law and Colonialism 
  • Internet Governance 
  • Corporate Power and Legitimacy  
  • Cybersecurity as a human-rights issue 
  • Technology, Ethics and Society  
  • Legal Design 
  • Intellectual property law  
  • Sustainability and the sustainable development goals 
  • Global Value Chain Law  
  • Intellectual history and political theory of the corporation 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Markets and AI-mediated data  


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